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 Heart problems?
My heart sometimes starts beating really fast, like when I'm nervous or running or something. It actually feels like it's going to explode... is this normal? How can I stop this?...

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Mines usually 96bpm. And sometimes skips a few beats....

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My Dad was at xmas taken into hosp with double pnuemonia. He was let out after just 3 days and given antibiotics. He is a heavy smoker. He is still far from well. He has gone bk to GP and been given I...


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 what if my blood pressure is 120/90? is it high or low?
Im 16 and i have this blood pressure....

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hey, i am 18 and i was wondering if it is safe for me to smoke pot when i am currently being diagnosed and im waiting for my test results which will be in september and i get pains everyday which ...

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Hey all,

Yesterday my face went red and I felt dizzy so I decided to check my Blood Pressure. I checked it 3 times throughout the day and I got the following results:

123/62 ...

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My father was told by his doctor he has a bad heart valve, and for him to feel better he should do heart surgery, and replace the bad valve with a ?pig or frog valve? not sure, but his main problem ...

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What are the usual signs before going to a G.P for testing?...

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how do i get my cholesterol down?? how do i know what is too much?...

 16 year olds head and heart,..?
I'm 16 years old, 5'7 and 125 pounds.
I could just be sitting and there my heart will be beating so hard and fast that it will make me feel sick.
and ill get intense heart pains ...

 Is it normal to have a fast heart beat?
when your sick with a cold or sinus infection and does not slow down even with beta blockers?
Additional Details
I don't have high bp and my heart rate is at about 126...

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 severe heart problem..HELP!!! PLEASE!!?
My boyfriend is 17 and he keeps getting severe heart pains. He was born with a hole in his heat. Usually when his heart hurts he turns bright red, its hard for him to breath, he blacks out a lot, and ...

 What is open heart surgery like?
I am 15 years old and was recently told i have a leaky heart valve, i am a smoker [sadly] and my mother always tells me that if i keep its up i will end up having to have open heart surgery. I am ...

jon h
heart problem? or just adreniline?
example: ill be relaxed, and then something will spark a thought process. if it leads to something intense like a fight or exciting activity it feels like i get a SHOT of adreniline straight to my heart. its like an immediate rush, going from a 0 (being relaxed) straight to a 10(complete rush). it only lasts a fraction of a second, then its gone. my heart also has a tendency to beat EXTREMEMLY fast and hard during exciting movies or while playing poker at the casino. is this normal?? i dont have health insureance, so dont just say go to the doctor. give me some real answers.
Additional Details
Im a 24 year old male

it could be high blood pressure. sometimes anxtiety and excitement can trigger heart palpatations in someone that has high blood pressure or cholesterol. If you are overweight it could be a sign of more seroius condition. but if you have drank a lot of coffee, or caffeine it can do this too.Anxiety can be be hightened by coffee and caffeine. A racing heartbeat can also be a sign of a thyroid condition or other illness.

you seemto be an extremely sensitive individual who has panic attacks. use relaxation techniques to help you control your thoughts and be happier!

xavier stewart
naw man its adreniline...its normal to get ur heart pumpin and jumpin like dat over exciting movies and gamblin...just dat ur nervous about wat gone happen next....its normal it happen to erry one...for example,me

the black fantom
only 24??everybody happening with him like that when they reach 60.anyway make insurence for ur health and stop drinking(alcholic stuff)and visit a doctor to give u a midicine

what you are describing is heart palpitations, I have MVP (mitral valve prolapse) is is very common. but stress Can cause me to have these strong palpitations and nothing has to set it off. but if you are describing that this happens during a movie etc. yes that is an adrenaline rush, that is why we like scary suspenseful movies and sports. but if you just get these out of the blue and you have a family history of heart disease it wouldn't hurt to have a cardiac work-up. you are probably fine. but if you experience heaviness in the chest shortness of breath then you need to be seen by a doctor, it is better to have a false alarm then to ignore a possible heart condition but I think by what you wrote that is pure excitement.

unless u have pain,or break out into a swear i wouldn`t worry about it,i`ve had a heart attack,yours sounds like adrenaline

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