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 What is an attenuation artifact mean on a cardiac stress test?

 Severe, frequent, stabbing heart pains a typical symptom of MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse)?
I've just recently been having sharp, shooting, stabbing pains through my heart. They are quite severe and frequent. I have MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse), but I'm just wondering if this is a ...

 how does the exchange of gases take place between the walls of the alveoli and the capillaries?

 Chest pain and shortness of breath?
I'm going through some chest pain, tiredness, and shortness of breath and I don't know why. It happened as I was walking in the swap meet and after a couple minutes I just had to sit down. ...

 can a person die or get cardiac arrest if he holds his breath or if he simply cannot breathe?

Additional Details
when i say cannot breathe i meant a person who decides not to breath, so can one die if he decides not to breathe?...

 Cardiologist out there? about tattoos and heart patients?
OK well I'm a heart patient of a leaking Valve that got replaced when I was a few months old with a baby's. and my doctor said I'm doing fine. I wanted to get a tattoo when I'm 16 ...

 Is a Blood Pressure of 89/60 bad?
I'm 15 and my blood pressure is often between 89/60 and 105/80 depending on the time of the day. but more often its below 100. What causes low blood pressure and what damage does it do(please ...

 Can someone die of Heart DIsease at age 16?
I'm 16 with a very low HDL. Im supposed to have 40 but my number is around 29 to 30. I also smoke, So am I gonna die?...

 Will stiffened arteries cause chest pain and discomfort?
is it something you can feel?...

 This Heart Condition...?
Recently many high profile athletes have died of a heart condition. Name this heart condition (technical name)

I'm thinking it's Bradycardia, but not sure. What's your ...

 Can I eat grapefruit while taking Isosorbide?

 My blood pressure is now 110/65 after taking medicine . Do you think this is normal?
My age is 47. I am taking atenolol 50mg in the morning and lossartan potassium 50mg in the evening and my present BP is 110/65 . Do you think this normal ? Or any suggestion please....

 When should I start worrying about my blood pressure?
I have a history of high blood pressure so about a week ago I took my blood pressure and it was 164/118 so I've been taking it everyday since. It was never lower than that and today it was 180/1...

 when can alhocol be consumed after CABG. I had CABG on 1st December 2009. I had been a drinker since 20 10 ye?
Dear Doctor.
I underwent triple vessel CABG on 1st December 2009.
I need only one answer for my vital question.
I was a long time tobacco chewer and alcohol.

Iam fully ...

 My Mom thinks she had a heart attack, doctors are unsure because tests were done after the fact?
I am trying not to die of anxiety myself. All I've ever prayed for hypothetically is that this one thing, my mom, is always OK, healthy. I don't know what to do; I feel hopeless and ...

 normal sugar level in infants?
i have a 10 month old what is the normal suger level in a ...

 Where can I do 3D echo cardiography at or near Mumbai/Pune (India)?

 Ephedra based diet pills leading to hypertension. Constipation. Caffein rush feeling?
I recently saw an ad on T.V. saying that diet pills can aid in hypertension, high blood pressure yada yada and I became worried.

Every now and then my heart feels like it's speeding ...

 What causes the pain during a heart attack?

 wat sould the heart beat of 18 week prone?
wat sould the heart beat of 18 week ...

Gary J H
does beta blockers lower your potassium?

diuretics will lower your potassium. Beta blockers blocks beta receptors on heart tissues. Beta blockers are used in the treatment of heart disorders and to reduce the workload of the heart

Beta Blockers themselves (like Toprol or Inderal)cause your heart rate to beat at a slower rate. It will not affect your potassium level.

Potassium levels are effected when you use a non-potassium sparing diuretic--the most common diuretic without the potassium sparing feature is Lasix.

The higher the dosage of the Lasix the greater the need to urinate and thus the higher loss of potassium.

Many doctors will prescribe the "potassium sparing diuretics" to fend off the chance of developing low potassium.

Some of the common side effects of low potassium is muscle spasm.

Beta blockers do not lower potassium. If at all, they should raise it. But this effect is negligible.

Beta blockers also block renin secretion, thereby reducing angiotensin and aldosterone in the cascade (renin activates angiotensin, which increases aldosterone secretion). Aldosterone causes excretion of potassium. So if aldosterone is reduced, potassium level should increase.

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