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does anyone know what early repolerization is?
im 15 year old male, im overall healthy, havent been active in about a month or so. Ive been feeling this chest sensation, and funny heartbeats for a couple weeks. it got so bad that i went to the ER the otehr night and was diagnosed with anxiety. which i knew was wrong because ive had anxiety and this wasn't it.
i went for my physical today and then my doctor told me to go get an EKG. i did and they said i have normal sinus rhythm but an early depolarization.
i hope the isn't bad, i havent found anything about it.
Additional Details
my actual doctor still has to get back to me about the ekg tests, but the ekg lady said that i shouldnt worry about it.
i just dont want to die though.
and i meant Early repolarization. not de.

On an ECG /EKG there is a p wave, qrs and t wave.

The QRS is the pointy looking bit and this is the deplorisation of your ventricles. The T wave, the rounded wave that follows this is the repolorization.

Your ECH just shows the QRS and T wave are closer together than normal.

It is not a problem. It does not mean anything is wrong. It's abnormal in the sense that it's abnormal for an adult to be only 5ft tall - not the same as most people but not a problem.

You said repolarization in your question and depolarization in the explanation of your question.
They are two separate phases in the electrical stimulation that makes the heart beat.
Depolarization is when then electrical impulses are making the heart beat and repolarization is the relaxation phase of the heart. I don't think its anything to worry about, if it was the doctor would of wanted you to have further testing.

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