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senior 2009 babi
can a doctor tell if someone had a heart attack years ago?
my mom is now 51 and shes says she had a heart attack at 28 but never went to the doctor. is there any way or test to tell if someone had a previous heart attack years ago? thx for your answers everyone
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her symptoms were sweatin, heavy squeezing chest pain,shortness of breath. fingers tingling and going up to her shoulder and then to her heart. shes sure she had one.

Donna B.
Her ecg will show changes if she had a transmural MI , muga might show decreased motility. Did she go to see a Dr.? She should to be safe.

Cardiac Physiologist
Heart attack is a very general term, these days a heart attack covers a massive range of damage to the heart muscle - the majority of it being damaged to no visible damge. Basically an ECG will show any marked damage, as will an echo. If neither of these show damage to the heart she either has not had a heart attack or the damage has caused negligible damage.

What would possibly make her think she had a heart attack if she never saw a doctor? There are many things that cause chest pain and other heart attack symptoms. In many cases, doctors have to run tests before they can tell if someone if having a heart attack.
to tell if she had a heart attack that long ago would be difficult. An EKG can look different after a heart attack, but if she did have a heart attack, it probably was a small one, and is not likely to show up on the EKG.

Yes, those are classic symptoms of a heart attack. Yes, a previous heart attack, if there was damage to the heart muscle, will show up on an EKG. Has your mom had an EKG recently? If she had a very mild heart attack, and there was no real damage, that would not show up but I'd sure have her let her current physician now that history.

Sometimes there is a heart murmur which can be heard through the sthethoscope. An EKG (graph) would show an indication of damaged, or atrophied heart muscle. A stress test might be too physically demanding or dangerous, but they show abnormalities and limit of cardiovasular function as well. She may also have some faulty valves, where there are 4.

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