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 Cardiologist please read! Heart palpitations?
Hello, i am a 16 year old male. First off let me start by saying, i don't do drugs, drink, or use any tobacco products. I watch my diet pretty carefully because of the heart rythems.


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 i still ddn't understand guys:Sso if i have a cut in my mouth but its not bleeding would the person cath it?

 what will happen if somone inject emply syringe in somone's vein?
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 Will i have a heart attack soon ?
Sometimes my chest hurts and it's on my left side but it's my far left and near my neck and i know it is under my ribs because that is were i feel it . Sometimes i can feel like something ...

can a abcess tooth cause high blood pressure and heart palpitations? I NEED HELP!!!?
ok 2 months ago, i was sitting there, and my tonsils were infected, all of a sudden my blood pressure went up, and my heart was fluttering like crazy. i thought it was the prescription drugs i was on but it wasnt (opiates). opiates dont increase your heart rate. well i had some antibiotics i took for my tonsils and it went away. well 2 months later and im typing this and it started again yesterday, about 4 days after my tooth has started to get infected. the symptoms are extreme anxiety, fluttering heart, high blood pressure, and overall just not feeling to great. its a scary feeling. the thing is is that i dont have a doctor. If i goto the ER they probably wont do much for me (everytime ive ever been there they only take about 2 minutes and kick you out the door). Ive looked up everything i ve could. (i thought it odd my heartbeat acting up after an infection). Im now currently on Penicillin 500mg 4 times a day, which has helped, and im hoping that is the case. Please dont tell me to goto the doctor, i already know that. what im looking for is some people who have been thru this before, or someone with some good opinions.. thanks..
Additional Details
I started to take Penicillin VK. ive noticed that the heart skipping is pretty much gone while im on it, (penicillin VK has potassium in it which relaxs blood vessels), has anyone else experienced this? the potassium seems to make it go away, but only for a little bit. i also noticed that when i wake up, for the first couple hours i am fine, it takes about mid day to really start to feel it.... man, i wish i had insurance to goto the doctor. the only choice i have is the ER, all there gonna do is tell me to goto a doctor.

Gingivitis (gum disease) has been known to trigger heart attacks, so totally possible.

I actually had the exact opposite reaction to taking penicillin. The symptoms you describe of fast racing heart actually started when I went on penicillin. I took it for some infection in the body and my heart rate was always at 120-130... even when I was sleeping. I drank like 2L of water just to keep my heart rate as low as I could... like 100-110... So not sure... but it does cause side effects in allot of people.

High blood pressure is the trickiest thing of them all, that is caused by just about anything. Mainly anxiety as your body freaks out and bang... high blood pressure and weird symptoms related to anxiety and not always your body.

In the ER im guessing they took blood tests and they came back ok?

With your regular doctor or pathologist try getting a Rennin and Aldosterone check, on the side creatine, serum, cortisol, metamorphines... Sounds like something else.. but at least that blood test followed with a 48 hour urine test will eliminate any adrenal problems or overproduction or over retention of kidney fluids which may cause high blood pressure.

Id get the heart examined with a ultrasound too, sadly ER's are garbage places to go if you want answers. They focus on immediate fixes and discharges.

When you have an infection your body goes into fight mode, much like the fight or flight response you have heard about. Therefore some of the symptoms will be increased temperature (as your body tries to burn out the infection), fast heart rate (which you can experience palpitations with), high blood pressure (also seen if you are in pain and anxious). The most important thing is that you are receiving treatment for the tooth abscess or tonsilitis. In some instances oral antibiotics are not strong enough and intravenous antibiotics are required (which yes, requires hospitalisation unfortunately) and the tooth may need to be pulled. If you do begin to get chest pain or have trouble laying flat due to severe chest discomfort or shortness of breath then you will need to go to ED as there are many horrible bacteria in your mouth and if it goes untreated there is a small chance it can travel to the heart via the blood.

What the hell kind of diagnosis do you expect through the internet? There is not a physician in the world who would make a remote diagnosis without someone next to you who could actually perform an examination looking for specific symptoms.

You say "Don't tell you to go to the doctor." OK, I won't. Go to a dentist. Infection is NOT something to be casual about. It is DEADLY. You are taking too much penicillin and run the risk of giving your self digestive issues to go with problems with your teeth. Stated another way, if you wait long enough for the tooth problem to no longer be an issue, neither will your digestion. How clear do I have to make that?

If you know enough to know you have elevated blood pressure, it is time to take care of that, too. Blood pressure leads to stroke and blindness, kidney failure, motor and cognitive impairment, and other symptoms too numerous to mention.

You can tell us to not suggest going to a doctor, but you can't tell us to ignore life-threatening symptoms because you have trust issues with doctors. If you don't have a doctor, GET one.

ANY infection, if it is bad enough, can surely cause all sorts of secondary symptoms. Heart and blood issues are possible. Kidney issues also can come up. You are in no position to wait.

Before you give me a thumbs down, ask yourself this question: If I were being flippant or if I didn't care, would I have bothered with an answer at this level?

you need to get the tooth fixed, I just had an infected tooth taken out, the dentist said the antibiotics would not have got into the infection anyway, he said there was a hole in the root and the infection was coming out through the hole, I was like ewww, I'm so glad it's out. If you have a tooth ache, antibiotics will not get into the tooth, the only thing is to get it removed or get a root canal treatment.

And an infected tooth can cause high blood pressure.
I feel so relieved now that my tooth is gone, just knowing what I saw and looking at how yuck the tooth was, I'm glad to have it out of my system.

Of course, you should bring this up with your dentist / doctor, but I think you're having a panic attack. The antibiotics should take care of your infection - by day two you should have no swelling or pain. If you still do, they might not be working and you should go back to the dentist. Otherwise, I would try to relax and see if your symptoms subside. (How do you know your blood pressure?)
This, by the way, is the problem in America. So many people don't have insurance and thus no doctor to do basic annual check-ups, and we freak out or overlook things because we have no idea how we are.

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