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 Chostrochondritis? What is it? I'm only 14?
I'm 14 and I have had differing chest pains for a few years. Last year they sort of disappeared but in the past week, they've come back.

The pains differ; from sharp stabbing ...

 which number is most important for high blood pressure?
for a younger male like myself which number is most important to keep an eye on for CAD heart disease and other issues the top number or the bottom number both mine are always high useally around 160 ...

 I have high cholesterol,Total cholesterol 263,Triglyceride 238,Total cho./HDL ratio is 5.9,HDL 44 and LDL172?
I am taking ATOCOR E daily 1 tablet(to be taken for 3 months).my question is -Do Ayurvedic or Homeo drugs interfere/interact with Allopathic drugs?There is some Ayur. drug which contains Garcinia and ...

 I understand that animal fat (cholesterol)can stick to artery walls,what about the chemicals in our water that
cause hard water build up .Over time can the hard water build up in our bodies?...

 Why does my heart beat fast, when I'm doing normal activities?
Throughout my late teens, and mid twenties I find every once in a while my heart will beat fast (about 4-6 beats quickly in a row) then it will go back to normal. For instance last night I was ...

My heart just suddenly starts to beat slow then normal. Later it might beat fast and then normal. I have been in so much stress and i have chest pain too. I have fallen in a deep depression. I am ...

 First time taking ativan, wondering what to expect?
I just took 2 mgs of ativan and it's my first time taking it. I'm wondering how long does it take to kick in and what feelings should I expect and how long does it last for?...

 can children have a heart attack?
can children have a heart attack(myocardinal infarction)??
what should you give them if they do??
i know asprin isnt suitable to give them... cos of Reyes syndrom, so what should you give ...

 Chest pain while walking? Please help!?
so today i had to walk home from the bus stop which is about a quarter of a mile in 90 degree heat while carrying 3 textbooks and i got really out of breath and i was getting chest pains. i get these ...

 heart attack question?
i have pain in my left shoulder i also have high blood pressure that is very high last couple of days as high as 190 over 125 when standing but on average is 165 over 110 a higher when standing can ...

 Im 15 and my blood pressure...?
Im 15 and my blood pressure was 125 the other night,and I took it a few times and the other times were about 120,124,120,and 128.
So my mom's been kinda worried,especially since her father ...

 Blood pressure question please help?
I went through a medical check up. My BP was 130/90 yesterday. I was so worried. Then i sat for about 5 minutes and had my BP checked by another doctor, it went down to normal 120/80. The doctor said ...

 5 of my uncles died of Aortic Aneurysms, and my father has one too?
what are the chances of myself getting one later in life (i am 47).

My sister is frantic with worry that i will die like this, and it frightens the daylights out of her.


 If you are a doctor: Do i have POTS?! Please i need an answer. HELP!?
For the past 3 months my life been hell. I get very lightheaded every time i stand up, and my legs get very weak also.
I have extrem fatigue. I can't walk for a long time or i will get ...

 Hospital, Emergency Room, Medical Debt?
I'm 20 years old and have at least 8,000 in medical debt. I did have medicaid, but they knock me off when I turn 18. I believe their was a way for me to stay on medicaid by showing proof that I ...

 Blood Pressure and Cholesterol?
OK here it goes. im 21 male 145 lbs i went to the doctor a cpl weeks ago and had high blood pressure. ive been havng chest pain. but i think its a chronic thing. anyways well she took my blood and ...

 Do i have a heart problem?
Last halloween i was getting ready when my heart began to beat abnormally fast, i sat down and about 10 minutes later it settled again, then about 2 weeks ago the same thing happened on a night out, ...

 heart attack or panic attack?
i'm 12. and for some reason i thought i was gonna have a heart attack so i was reading up on it and my heart started beating really fast. am i having a heart attack or panic attack?

 What's a Conair Wave?
Someone suggested a Conair Wave for helping acne. Can someone tell me that that is and where you'd find one?...

 I have irregular heart beat sometimes. What is it called?
I can feel it in my chest, like it sometimes pump weak as trying to pump, then back normal. Then does it again, then back normal. I have been drinking alot of pepsi with caffeine. Does that causes it?...

can a 14 year old have a heart attack???
hi i'm 14 , a guy, and i'm not obese, or anything i'm in pretty good physical shape. This morning when i woke up my upper left arm is kind of sore. I dont have any chest pains or difficulty breathing. Is it possible that i can get a heart attack? i feel fine, my upper left arm is just kind of sore when i lift it up...... Thanks!

LOVEx :)
I don't want to freak you out or anything..but it is possible to have heart problems at your age. Definitely. I have PVCs and I'm 16. My friend who's 15 had something wrong with her valves and needed heart surgery. My guy friend has an enlarged heart. It definitely is possible, but if your only symptom is that your left arm hurts, then it's likely your fine. But your at the age where you should be getting EKG's. Sudden Death in teenagers DOES happen. One of my classmates went to drill team practice and just dropped dead. Another classmate was playin football and dropped dead. It's called Sudden Cardiac Death and it's common in adolescents. I'm really not trying to scare you at all, just inform you. You should go to the doctor anyway, even if you didn't have any symptoms at all. Get yourself checked out. Trust me. Better safe than sorry

that is not a heart attack......its just a sore arm...... it is possible to have a heart attack, but usually doesnt happen in healthy kids. I know many people who have had heart attacks because of heart problems. and they were all under 18. Be happy that you dont have any heart problems, and stop worrying.

that's not a heart attack. that's a sore muscle.

To answer your question: Yes a 14 year old can achieve a heart attack, but in your case this sounds like you could have possibly slept on the wrong side of the bed, someone may have hit your arm or your arm may have hit something, you could have been lifting heavy load with that arm or it could simply be muscle spasm

you're question is can a 14 year old have a heart attack yes but it sounds like you might of slept on you're are or slept-ed the wrong way or something

Sgt. Pepper
You're probably one of those high strung people (like me) who's always worried about health problems and terminal illnesses. You sound young and healthy to me. You may have just slept on your arm funny. Relax. Take a deep breath.

Hola Lola!
You probably slept funny. Sometimes i sleep weird and my hurts too but I wouldn't be too worried- there are very specific symptoms for an oncoming heart attack and I think you would know if you were really having one.

If you're really worried, ask your parents about their history, were there any relatives with heart problems? On your next doctor's visit, I'm sure they adequately examine you to ensure your heart is functioning ok, but you can ask them to maybe check extra closely and do a test.

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