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Antonio & Seanna's mommy
blood pressure is 161/84 and pulse is 74.?
What is normal and what is to high?
Additional Details
I checked my and my moms boyfriend asked if I would check his so I did and thats why I was asking. Im 30 weeks pregnant and mine is 139/86. Pulse is 103.

average is 90/60 to 140/90...it appears your systolic phase is a tinsy bit high, however your HR is in normal range. A high systolic number could mean that your heart is having trouble pumping blood throughout your body due to several reasons, the main being a diet high in saturated and trans fat which leads to plaque in your arteries, which means your heart must pump harder to circulate blood throughout your body...

gangadharan nair
Normal blood pressure is <120/80 mmHg. Blood pressure >140/90 mmHg is to be treated by medications.
Blood pressure reading 161/84 mmHg is considered as isolated systolic hypertension.(Stage 2 hypertension)
Your pulse rate is above 100 beats per minute (bpm).(Normal pulse rate: 60-100 bpm.)
Consult a cardiologist.

That blood pressure seems high considering your pulse. If you're using a machine at your house, try it again, lay down while you're doing it. Unless it's an old fashion blood pressure cuff like the doctors use, electronic ones can be problematic.

Give it another try in 20 or so minutes, try just laying down while you're waiting.

Or, are you in any sort of pain? Sometimes pain can cause high blood pressure but not a high pulse. When my appendix was about to burst, my blood pressure was 198/something i don't remember...but my pulse was only 80.

Its a little high but how do you feel? I have a feeling that it goes down.

Id recommend you get a 24 hour blood pressure monitor from a cardiologist. Get your local gp to refer you to one.

Later he can interpret the results and tell you if its worth treating or not.

Generally its not a good idea to treat blood pressure unless its severe.

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