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 When is blood pressure too low?
Mine is usually 112/70-something. I was told that was normal. But sometimes I feel dizzy and weak. I felt this way yesterday while I had my bp measured. It was 104/64. Is this too low?


 irregular heartbeat- what does this mean?
my dad has stayed over night at a hospital as they think he might have an irregular heartbeat. Without a huge long description, what does this mean? why does he need to stay over night and is it ...

 Blood pressure 127/65, pulse:50 BPM. Is this odd?
I just find it odd that my systolic is so much higher and my diastolic is so much lower. And my pulse seems very low....

 High Blood Pressure at age 19?
I'm 19 and already in prehypertension. My blood pressure is usually around 130/82 or so. I'm about 177 pounds (a little bit heavy) but I'm in good shape. I run about 3 miles 5 days a ...

 What causes heart palpitations?
My partner is getting heart palpitations every few hours, its been happening for about 2 weeks and has never happened before. I have been with him for 8 years and in this time could count the times ...

 If anyone can please answer my medical question...?
I don't know if anyone will be able to answer my question, but I thought I'd give it a try. I just turned 15 years old and have been possibly diagnosed with Andersen-Tawil Syndrome (a type ...

 suspecting tia somthing like a stroke?
hi i had a slight pain in my chest yesterday and it kinda hurt alittle when i breath in so i looked up signs of heart attack because i was abit concerned as dad died of heart attack but sings didnt ...

 Racing Heart/Palpitations - Doctors can't find a cause.?
I've had this problem for years and no one can find it; today it's been at its worse and slowly getting worse over time. My heart started racing through a 10 minute period peaking at 158bpm ...

 what exactly is "heart disease"?

 Key hole surgery on the heart?
... to replace a valve. Is it safer than open-heart surgery where you literally take the whole heart out to operate on? Is there much less risk involved? How does it actually work? Recovery time?

 Pardon me for being an idiot, but...?
Is it possible to donate your heart to someone while still living? I know you would die, but is it possible?...

 Limbs Falling Asleep?
When your arm turns numb after you sleep on it wrong or when your leg falls asleep after you sit cross-legged for a long time, are you actually increasing your risk for atherosclerosis (build-up of ...

 why is my heart rate so high?
Ok, so im a 15 year old girl, and im like 98 pounds and 4,11. I exercise regularly however my resting heart rate is around 120. I am aware that is quite high and i am worried about it. So why is it ...

 what is actually happening to your heart whilst your having a heart attack?
or a cardiac arrest, whatever you wnt to call it?...

 Routine measurements and tests for your heart?
What routine measurements are there that can be taken to monitor the cardiovascular system OR just the heart.

Thanks, much help :)...

 My doctor prescribed a satan to lower my cholesterol. I don't understand. How would that help?

 What is the maximum amount of vitamin B12 that a person can take daily?
I know I should see a doctor but I can't afford it right now. I have burning feet at night and they're usually sweaty during the day. I also don't feel like my circulation is right. I ...

 Extremely low blood pressure, should i be worried?
I was in the psychiatric hospital for hte past 4 days to change my medications. They increased my anti psychotic, which i take at night with 2 other sedatives. 300mg Seroquel XR, 200mg Trazodone, and ...

 Why no water for someone with a heart attack?
Someone I knew was having a heart attack (and survived). However, when I called 911, they told me not to give him water. Why is this?...

 is have a hole in heart deadly?
my friend has a hole in her heart i dont know if thats deadly or ...

Why does my heart always beat fast when he's around?
This is a scientific question. Really. How come when we see someone we have a crush on our hearts go besurk? What triggers it... besides being slightly nervous (some of what happened to me had to do with nerves). I always wonder about it because it doesn't make full sense to me... the whole thing with heart having relation to feeling love or lust for somebody is just a myth yet it still beats fast or stops when someone we really like is around.

For instance I was in the same room, in fact a couple of seats down from this boy I secretly have a crush on, and I could literally hear my own heart beating and felt it everywhere from my chest to my pulse. Sometimes I can even feel my face heat up. And then the second he looks away or is out of sight it goes back to normal.

Just curious.... it's like a "where do babies come from" question but this time it's "where do these weird feelings/reactions come from?"

β–β–€β–€β–Όβ–€β–€β–Œ β–Ί JON β—„ β–β–„β–„β–²β–„β–„β–Œ
because you're really freakin' stupid

J. R.
your hormones go crazy and trigger an adrenaline rush. don't you feel a bit more energenic after you see said person? that's why.

nerves and hormones

Crazy Carolina Child
It's mostly nerves. The nervous you get, your blood starts pumping faster which makes your heart beat faster. And the reactions and feelings...they are from hormones. Hormones make you feel that way around a guy as you get older. It's just a part of your body that you have to accept and deal with no matter how annoying it may be.


bonnie b
signals from our brain trigger our hormones and nervous system

nerves. i feel the same way at times :)

Seeing that person can make you nervous. This activates the production of adrenalin which then makes your heart beat faster.

It is fear
or you are horny

Lucinda B
Well this might not help, but I know how you feel. I like someone too and it's because your in love. You're just nervous to admit your love for him and it's taunting you. I don't know I was going to ask the same thing but this is the best I could come up with.

Just like the feelings almost the same as being scared. It's like the Adrenalin and breathing faster speeds it up. x

thats a good question i wounder y
cause when ever i see this guy i like or even someoone who kinda looks like him from behind this happends to me, and i get butterflys

It's your hormones going CRAZY. It's all about feeling and emotions and when you see some guy that excites your hormones, they go nuts!! :)

it's the intense fear of this person we view as "perfect". he(or she) is like a king(or queen) and therefore we feel inferior, and are scared we might do(or say) something stupid. the fear of being rejected by them.

i had a similar situation in school, and 2 minutes before i got to class my heart was out of control, i felt like i was going to be sick, and like i might drop a load right there in the hallway. that went on every other day for a year.

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