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 what stops blood from falling back into the heart?

 Can you naturally reduce artery "furring"?
Can you reduce any furring which may have built up in arteries, of cholesterol and plaque? I know exercise prevents further build up, but can deposits be removed without surgery??...

 HEART problem?Every so often i feel light headed, kinda surreal feeling?
and then i feel breathless like i cant phsically breathe in even if i want to. I get pains up both arms. My heart then goes out of rhythem, then stops, then comes back again. I feel thirsty all the ...

 what happens in heart surgery?
ive got a hole in my heart and they reckon i might have to operate if it doesnt close up, but i wanted to no what happens in surgery and if it usually like goes well or owt? and what happens after - ...

 Can you become dependent on medication that lowers your blood pressure? i.e. Linsinopril?

Additional Details
Clarification... my doctor is unsure if my high blood pressure is genetic or based on my diet. So if I were to improve my diet, in the long run my blood pressure ...

 During a ptt test the results show your blood to be elevated and thin.What's the problem?
bruise easily and blood is thin.What is the ...

 what kind of symptom is this? how can it be treated?
when I go to to sleep and If am kind of awake in the middle of the nite, ( or I wake up), I sometimes feel i have no oxygen in my brain. I feel like I am losing conciousness for like 2 second or so ...

 Can the damage done to heart in a heart attack be reversed and normality restored to a human heart?

 How is the babby formed?

Additional Details
Babby fromed by the gril......

 what if u got a Artificial heart?
ok what if someone got one of those artifical hearts dose it mean that the person is going to go to hell cuz he dosent have a soul anymore,and is he capable of loving anymore as well?...

 can i tell my doctor not to mention heart attack in my record?
i think i'm having all the symthoms(?) of heart attack. As i will be applying for immigration soon, if i go to my doctor i'm afraid he will put "heart attack" in my medical ...

 Question About Heart Stent Recovery Time?
My grandmother recently had a heart stent put in today. I was wondering how long the recovery time would be because next Friday we plan on going to Disney World. Will she be able to go in a week and ...

 is my heart too slow?
My resting heart rate is only 45, is that healthy? I heard that it should be 60-80....??...

 I need information about high blood pressure.?

 What Do You Think Of My Cholesterol Numbers?
Sept 2006

HDL 68

LDL 78
Total 178

I have some symtoms of hypothyroidism at this point but not tooo bad. My TSH is 3.07


 what is the response times for oklahoma emergency room doctors to come and evaluate paritents presented in er?

 I have a Pacemaker (heart). Will I have any trouble going through the security screens at any airport?
I have had a ASD repair, a VSD repair & an artificial mitral valve as well as a pacemaker....

 Congestive Heart Failure Information?
I would like to find some websites( reliable like .edu or .gov, etc) about Congestive Heart Failure. I will also definitely take any book suggestions. I have to write a speech on congestive heart ...

 How i can prevent from SVT attack(super ventricula techacardia)?
I had first attack of SVT (super ventricula techacardia) in 1997 after long period again in the year 2002 and now in this year 3 times i have experinced the increase of pulse rate i use medicine ie D...

 Can I play paintball with a pacemaker fitted?

Additional Details
My cariologist said you should avoid games such as football, rugby & can not do heavy weight lifting....

Why does heart rate increase when we inhale and decrease when we exhale?
Why does heart beats faster when you breathe in and beats slower when we breathe out? what is its realationship with baroreceptor reflex control?

i dont know

when you breath in, the lungs expand, reducing space aroudn the heart. the heart can't expand as much, and makes up for it by beating faster. like wise, when we breathe out, the lungs get smaller, the heart can expand more, and to maintain the same amt of metabolism, reduces the rate. the baroreceptors indirectly control heart rate by reacting to the c02 in the blood.

kirsten j
Some books say it is because of pressure changes caused by breathing.

Simply enough, your heart draws oxygen from your lungs into your blood. When you inhale, you give it oxygen to process which forces it to work, therefore speeding it up. When you exhale, CO2 is drawn from your lungs to be replaced with fresh air, While this exchange takes place your heart relaxes because it has no oxygen to process.

When we inhale, air enters our lungs and so more oxygen is available to be pumped through the body by way of the respiratory system, and thus the heart pumps faster to use all the oxygen in our lungs while it's still there. It beats slower when we exhale because there is no more air inside the lungs (or, not as much), so the heart can't deliver more oxygen and it slows down. I don't know what the baroreceptor reflex control is though. Sry.

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