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Why do some people get "mean" after having a stroke?

They nearly died lol
They aint gonna let anyone take advantage of them
And probably are worried so they get frustrated easily
I don't know
But my grandad(who died) when i was younger was grumpy and he had a stroke.
I don't even remember him dying, i wasn't close to him.
And i was probably six.
But i have the earliest memories of jumping on the bed upstairs and coming down and sitting on the sofa, and him telling me off in the most horrible way not to jump on the sofas or the beds (LOL)
And the window in the door would always get smashed, and you'd go to the shops, by the time you got back it was fixed.
I remember he used to have a massive room with a proper trainset in, i Just remember the dusty colour of the room, whatever that means.

Anyway whatever i was just waffling on about, I don't really understand your question?

James G
Adding to what everyone has already said, Not only are they mean because of damaged brain tissue, but because of the reduced amount of blood flowing to their brains causes mass irritability.

Whats it to ya
My grandmother had a stoke a while back, and she is not mean at all. Not everybody that has a stoke gets mean, and those who do are probably in pain.

they are inn a life changing stress

Tracie O
Some people get mean after having a stroke out of pure frustration because before the stroke they could depend on themselves and after a stroke they have to depend on others even to do the simplest of things we all take for granted. I hope this answers your question.

Katie C
my aunt had a stroke
but it left he with the mannerisms of a five year old so she seems crabby and fussy but thats only because part of her brain was badly damaged
my other great aunt had a stroke but she was totally normal- just lost the use of her left arm
so it varies
omg i hate how so many people in my family had a stroke arrrg
it can be bad or just paralyzing
it was the worst for my aunt though

Brother Otter
A stroke ends up imparing or killing brain tissue. If the stroke is in an area that has a primary effect on personality, it will change how they interact with others.

Stroke or CVA (Cerebro Vascular Accident) has different categories, TCA (not serious type), Ischemic type (can recover after the stroke) and hemorrhagic type (poor prognosis and can lead to coma or death).
A stroke causes neurological damage either temporary or permanent cause by loss of blood supply to the brain leading the person to change his/her attitude and personality plus the irritability the client experience.
If your the significant others, be patient to the client because we can consider their changes in attitude as "complication" to the illness he/she suffers.

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