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 Cardiac Surgeons I need your help!?
Please don't give me info (if your not a cardiac surgeon) from wikipedia or internet websites..i want info from one specifically or if you know someone who is! Thanks!

Hello, I have ...

 ....blood pressure....?
for curious...

if i have very high blood pressure level. it might cause me to have a heart attack because of a lot of fat inside me?

dont worry. im allight. mine is below 120/71...

 Which of the following is NOT a feature of potassium deficiency?
A. Prolonged vomiting and dehydration are known to lead to deficiencies
B. Deficiencies occur due to excessive losses rather than to insufficient intakes
C. Chronic use of certain ...

 Could the diagnosis of Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia be wrong?
I've only just been diagnosed, so I've been on a bit of an internet binge. Some of the info I've found makes me wonder whether I've really got IST.

I'd like your ...

 Gall Bladder Stone and Heart Problems?
My father aged 64 is having a 10mm stone in Gall Bladder for which he want to undergo surgery(no preference for leproscopic or conventional) but he is also a heart patient and as per reports,...

 Is 97 bpm too fast for an adult's resting heart rate?
I'm female, 32, non-smoker and not overweight. I do take anti-depressant medication though....

 Can standing for long time (Job) cause low blood pressure?

 are heart murmurs common?
I am 29yrs old. I went in for a general check up at the doctor and she heard a heart murmur.
That is new for me. My doctor did an EKG and that was normal. Would an EKG pick up a heart valve ...

 Medical and hospital questions?
so when people go to the hospital and get parts of there body remove like liver...or a lump...where do the parts really go beside medical school to be studied...
serious answer pless
thank ...

 can i have a heart problem/ condition that dose not show up on an echocardiogram?
I have been having palputations and tight chest (like someone squeesing me ) this lasts from 3 months to sometimes just 4 days.during this time i cant get out of bed....litarally with ll the will in ...

 Can a person raise their eyebrow when facial muscles affected by CVA?
Basically I need to know the differences in how facial muscles are affected in Bells Palsy patients and CVA patients. Any help would be appreciated :)...

 High Blood Pressure continues to hurt me...please help?
I have been on bp medication for the past3-4 years since being diagnosed with high blood pressure. at first i didnt take it seriously and now i am taking it seriously. i have been limiting my salt ...

 My Blood pressure jumped to 140/101?
My blood pressure last checked was tuesday and it was 110/60 and i took some cold medicine with clorpheniramine in it and now it is 140/101? Should I wait till monday to talk to my doctor or go the ...

 Has anyone heard that an irregular heart beat can cause ear aches? It's rare, I want info online.?
I have A-fib and take an anti-rhythmic. I am not even 50 yrs old. I suffer a lot of ear aches and ruptured ear drum. I just heard that an irregular rate can cause this, although it is rare. I am ...

 Should I be fasting before a lipid profile?

 At what age could someone have a heart attack? (Any prevention tips?)?
i was just wondering. and does it happen to people who aren't overweight or obese?
and how could you prevent having one?...

 I found out that I could have a blocked artery today from the VA Hospital.?
My doctor at the VA was concerned with MY ekg today but did send me right to the hospital . She said I will get a appointment in the mail. All my lab work came back good. Cholesterol was normal, ...

 Is Whitney Houston really dying? I thought she get clean a while back? Did her drug problem give her heart?
issues, to the reason why everybody is saying she's dying?

I liked her before she got mixed up with Bobby Brown and that whole mess. I thought she finally got clean from this all. I ...

 if you have had a stroke, heart attack, or some kind of heart problem, please answer this yes or no question.?
It's silly, but there might be something to it. The question is:

Are you currently missing some bottom adult teeth, not because they fell out or because of bad oral hygiene, but ...

 How quickly do cholesterol levels increase/decrease?
without ...

Where can I go to renew my CPR card?
I need to renew my CPR card within the next two weeks and am having a difficult time finding a place that offers it. I tried registering for classes through work but all classes for this month are full. Are there any other places I can go to? Oh, and it needs to be through the American Heart Association. Any help would be appreciated!!

Call your local Red Cross. If they don't offer them I think they would know who does.

The American Heart Association website has a class finder at their website. Just put in your zip code and it will display local classes in your area.


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