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 what foods can lower my cholesterol and triglycerides and lower my weight?
My cholesterol is 270m and my triglycerides are 1000. I need ...

 thinking critically anyone have an idea of what structure and properties an artificial heart should have?

 Unable to determine LDL?
I had some blood tests ran last week and received the results in the mail today. They read as follows:

Total: 167, HDL: 25, LDL: Can't determine Triglyceride: 411

Why can&#...

 High Blood pressure treatment?
I checked my BP today it was 140/95 and then I checked it again second time it was 149/103. Will my doctor give me medicine or just tell me to lose weight exercise and eat right? is that a number ...

 Slightly numb sensation in my left arm / hand. Is this a sign of an impending heart attack?
I've heard it is or is it something else? I happen to be having a health check in about 10 days - can it wait or sould I see a doctor as a matter of urgency? (I've noticed the symptoms for ...

 Heart Rate Questions?
My resting heart rate is 64.
Please explain how you know.

1. What is an acceptable recovery heart rate level five minutes after exercising?
2. What is an acceptable recovery ...

 Hello, does anyone know the difference in Cardiovascualr Tech and Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Tech programs?
Hello, does anyone know the difference in Cardiovascualr Tech and Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Tech programs in school. Is one of them more advanced than the other? DO you make more money or more ...

 If left untreated, how long would you survive after a heart attack?
thats about all I want to know.
Additional Details
Okay, I would like to know about and acute heart attack and a SEVERE heart ...

 Is 144/92 High blood pressure?
They took it at the dentist, and I was extremely nervous though. I'm 15, 105 lbs., 5'1"....

 What should be the normal blood pressure for someone of a stature of?
5'9 170 56 years old?...

 Do you know anything about this diagnosis?
I just had an EKG done and it showed sinus brady with arrhythmia's- possible left artrium enlargement.

I'm a nurse so you don't have to explain anything basic to me. I have ...

 why do people suffer from bad heart burn?
why when you get heart burn does it feel like it works its way to your throat and you get that burning sensation - why does this ...

SOMEDAYS AT RANDOM TIMES WHEN I INHALE WHY HEART KIND OF HURTS AS IF A BONE IS PUSHING AGAINST IT? Then when i breath again its like theres a bone in the way and i have to wait several seconds before ...

 What would be the least dangerous condition that would warrant a pacemaker? ?

 Does taking medicine actually take years off of your life?
like blood pressure ...

 Where can I find a list of Calcium Channel Blocker drugs?
I take Diltiazem HCL which is a CCB. I would like to know what other drugs do the same thing....

 Its hard for me to escape the beating of my heart.?
22 year old male. excellent blood pressure and resting pulse of 72-76.

After recreational drug use 5 months ago, I have been aware of my heart beating. The sensation is towards the ...

 did i have heart attack?
now before everyone says "no you didnt have one" just read this thoroughly, i got was the most worrying/scariest/ most painful thing in my entire life..

i have these chest pains, ...

 I don't want to sleep, but I want to learn. So what are the ways to avoid sleeping and learn effectively?

 Tilapia is high on cholesterol or is a good source to reduced the bad cholesterol?

When I drink coke, my chest or heart hurts, why is that?
It feels like a pen poking me inside.

For sure it's the caffeine. I can't do caffeine at all. Consider eliminating it to see if this helps.

could be the caffeine.

Brooks Nero
Its probably gases,but I recommend to stop drinking it,you have to leave everything that damages your health

Laurence W
Well, there is a lot of dissolved carbon dioxide inside soda. Some may be getting into your blood stream, and then its as if you were running a lot and your heart can't get enough oxygen, so it hurts.

If you take some deep breaths that may help your chest feel better.

Maybe you should just sip the soda.

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