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 what's the adaptive adv of a temporary increase in B.P ?what's the adaptive adv. of a temp increase heart rate
what's the adaptive advantage of a temporary increase in Blodd .Pressure ?what's the adaptive advantage . of a temporary increase in heart rate?...

 Where in the body is a pacemaker placed - on the heart?

 What carries purified blood from the kidneys toward the heart???
Pls answer this.... this is my assingment......

 Sick sinus syndrome?

 if you have high blood pressure, you:?
a) you will have poor eye sight
b) have no symptoms
c) get hungry very easily

... which one's the right answer?...

 with anxiety, does your heart beat fast,that it scares you?

 Is 160 BPM rest high when you over dose on medicine?
How high/dangerous is it?...

 significant factors of cardiac problems?
What are the significant factors that will lead to cardiac problems?...

 grand mal seizure?
If someone has high blood pressure/ heart problems, could that be cause for them to have a Grand Mal seizure, and if so, what symptoms would they have?...

 Any machine? or advanced equipment you've heard of?...?
my favorite aunt had a stroke 6 months ago. she can't move most parts of her body except her arms and eyelids, she can't speak either. But she can see and understand us.
Is there ...

 what are normal.....?
what are normal measurements for a girl, 14, and 5'7??

if u need more details just ask
Additional Details

 Echocardiogram question?
I have a quick question for you echo technicians/cardiologists in here.

I was watching the images of my heart on the echo, and I noticed that with each beat the valves appeared to open ...

 hearts pains?
how would you know if you have a blocked artery or a little blocked ?...

 Is my blood pressure and heart rate abnormal?
I'm 5'1" and 120 lbs my heart rate is 92/57 and pulse is 63. I've been recently running 2.5 mi/5 days a week for 3 months now could that have something to do with it? I feel ...

 Family member about to get an artificial heart?
My Aunt's heart surgery went bad. She's in an induced coma and kept alive artificially. 24 hours ago doctors were talking about heart transplant , this morning they are suggesting an ...

 when i am sleeping i wake up to my heart beating really fast why does that happen.?
i am a female that has had heart problems all her life.. I had surgery when i was a day old for Transposition of the great arteries....
Now my heart goes into irregular heart beats and at times ...

 how much money do vascular surgeons earn? From least to greatest?

 Sometimes my heart beats really fast without any reason. What does that mean?
I'm 17 years old ...

 reasons for elevated tempature post cardiac surgery?

 please help if your a cardiologist i had some test done results are taquicardia 120 bpm and bradiacardia 50bpm
what does this mean also says sicknes of sinus or something like ...

What is the cause of thickening of the liver?

Charlie Farlie
Too much alcohol

You can get fatty liver from being overweight, or if you have a hepatitis.

Liver disease.

The cause could be from many different sources.

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