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 High blood pressure or not?
When measuring my blood pressure seated usually is 144/85, but when you lie down is 125/70 and lower. Before bed is 110/65.During the day sometimes rise to 160/100.In my left arm is higher.
I am ...

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 What is a normal blood pressure for a 16 year old female?
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 Strong heartbeat? I am scared!!?
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Megan S
What happens when there is little circulation of blood to your limbs? ?

Hector D
Gangrene. Your limbs fall off.

your muscles could become tense and start to spasms. Maybe become cold on that part of your body. Discoloration and tingling.

Jessyca Dawnn
It depends on the severity but the consequences of bad circulation in the limbs could be any where from being cold to rotting off. If your worried about having bad circulation or if you think you might have bad circulation, one of the first signs of bad circulation is little of no hair on your extremities, next would be always being could or feeling tingly. Also, if when your extremities get injured it takes an extremely long time to heal or they don't heal at all.

It is often known as a silent killer, because most people ignore the symptoms and don't get medical help. If you are asking what are the symptoms:
Legs/arms falling asleep, swelling of the legs, cramping of limbs, low temperature in your limbs.

It can result in loss of limbs, heart attack, stroke, etc, and loss of life.

Lack of circulation is the one of the major causes of diabetic foot ulcers. Lack of circulation can result in swollen, painful uncomfortable limbs, eventually leading to the loss of a limb. Other conditions that arise from insufficient circulation are mentioned in the symptoms. If left untreated the results could be life threatening.

You wont feel your limbs, later it will tickle as blood starts to flo in again

Animal Fat
Cell death.

But if you're talking about your leg falling asleep, dont worry. Circulation will return.

Me too
I'm not a doctor, but tt gets numb, purple, then you have to amputate it. Why are you asking?

Perfume Teddy
At worst your limb/s could fall off!

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