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A. Chordae tendinae

B. Endocrine System

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I really don't have a better explanation...it was a question on my test and I ...

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What happens after a massive stroke?
My uncle (who's 54) had a massive stroke yesterday. He didn't drink, smoke, have kids or anything. He looks like a 28 year old (seriously, even the nurse that called thought he was). The doctors said he might not make it through tonight. He also has a blood clot in his throat. I'm scared and he's one of my closest uncles. He lives out in Las Vegas so my mom and some of my aunts went out.

All I want is for him to be okay? Is everything okay?
Additional Details
he's not in a coma he's respoding, but the drs. said if he survives theres a chance he might be a vegetable... )=

There are two important arteries that supply blood to the brain and it's in one of these that your uncle has a clot or plaque. This lesion has cut off blood supply to part of his brain and since it's in such a major artery it sounds as if the damage might be severe. Lack of blood supply to the brain causes the brain to die. Swelling of the brain results if the patient survives, and that swelling also causes more damage since the brain is in an enclosed space - the skull. Massive swelling must be handled surgically or the brain can herniate down the base of the skull, causing death. Even a person as healthy as your uncle could have a blood clotting issue and form a clot in some area of his body that broke lose and got stuck in the artery you are probably talking about. Generally a stroke patient is worse 24 hours after the stroke as that gives the brain time to start swelling.

I'm sorry you're scared but sometimes it's best if a severely brain damaged person doesn't survive - but sometimes there are great unexpected improvements in their condition so don't give up hope.

Death is a part of our lives.

I'm really sorry to hear that. Never think the worst. When my dad had West Nile last year they said he would ALWAYS remain the way he was (unconcious...he had encephylitis...brain swelling) and said that even if he came out of it he would never be the same.

Well he DID come out of it and within a WEEK of their assessment and he was fine. Considering that virus was supposed to kill him for an old guy of 78 he fought it and came back. He memory took a few weeks to come back and I would say he came back about 90 percent.

Always hope for the best. They can be wrong about so many things.

My aunt had an aneurism too and they said she'd be a vegetable. They even operated and she's okay.

So hope for the best. The blood clot can be treated with blood thinners so hopefully he wont stroke again and will come out of this but it will be a long hurdle if he does.

Much will depend on how much damage was done to the brain.

Just believe in the power of prayer. It really does work.

dalma jen
Well, the first 3 days are the critical ones. Usually they say if he gets thru the first 3 days, unless he's in a coma of course) He might have a chance of recovery. But a massive stroke is very dangerous, as the person can be paralyzed, and need intense therapy. They might operate straight away to remove the blood clot in the throat, so that may help things.I hope he gets well soon,

Jenna H
he may have slured speech

First of all, keep him in your prayers and hope for the best. If he still has a blood clot in his throat there is a chance that it could move and cause further damage. If they give him blood thinners that could help it dissolve. If that doesn't work they may insert a screen on either side of the vessel so that if the clot does break loose it will not go into the brain, heart, lungs, or any other vital organ.

As for the stroke he just had you claim in your question that it was "major". Unfortunatley lifestyle doesn't matter when it comes to strokes, it can happen to anyone. Strokes can vary to absolutely no symptoms to complete paralysis or death. Typically if he's in good shape he will evetually recover with occupational or physical therapy, speech therapy, or a combination of all three.

It's a waiting game, I hate to say. I wish you and your family the best of luck, the doctors will take good care of him to prevent anything further from happening, and as long as he's dedicated to his therapies he should regain all his normal functions as from before the stroke.

Seems like he might just make it but it all depends how much of his heart was affected. He's also at the age where the chance of survival is quite low. My father had a heart attack at 58 and he's now 67 so he has lasted a while he's gotten much better over the years.

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