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 help reading an ECG please?

here is what is written on the report other than the graph

Rate 40
PR 176
QT 440
QTC 359

P 30
QRS 42
T 34


 high cholesterol?
My husband was diagnosed with high cholesterol this past week. We are really worried about it and wondering what we can do to help lower it. Also he isnt fat or anything- hes actually very muscular ...

 if you have hole in heart so what is sing of this ?

 What European country has the highest death rate from heart disease and among the highest levels of animal fat

 how does heart diesease effect your body????
i mean i know it obiously hurts your heart and circulatory system but anything else?????...

 Blocked Artery and Feeling Fine?
Is it possible for a person to have a blocked artery leading to their heart and feel fine... and for a doctor to not take some immediate action?...

 My ESR test reports show me the result at 30, previously it was 25, and in men its normal range is shown as 0-
Could I plz get my answer as soon as possible. please....

 How much will a will a cholesterol test be off if I didn't fast beforehand?
I donated blood to a local hospital and they threw in a complementary cholesterol screening. They warned me, however, that the number would be off because I wasn't fasting. Anybody know ...

 coronary artery disease+very bad gas pains?
have coronary artery disease and am having very bad gas pains. also having some minor tightness in my chest. should i go see doc? or it is just because it is so dang hot here?...

 Is pectus excavatum deadly?

 How do you increase NITRIC OXIDE Levels?

 Blood Pressure - Inderal LA (Propranolol generic) and Cozaar good combination?
I take Inderal long acting 80 mg 1 time per day. My BP still runs a little high. My cardiologist prescribed Cozaar 50 mg in addition. Just wondering if anyone taking Inderal or propranolol (...

 What is a respirator fit test.?
am scheduled to take one, but i have no idea what it is. Is it some kind of cardio test on a treadmill or what? Any help is greatly apreciated....

 funny feeling never had before..maybe exhausted ?
This is the second time i noticed this has happend withn the past week. I get about 3-4 hours sleep day.. because of my little ones and have been oing this for past year and a half. I am taking ...

 heart bypass?
since my dad had his heart bypass 6 months ago he is allways ill he was 1 of the fittist people i knew but now he has allways got headachs,pains,all the time do you no any one who has had this done ...

 How can i go back to school with Vasal Vagal Syncope?
I am 16 years of age and i was put out of school because of my condition. I just want to go back to school for my senoir year so please if there is anyone out there that knows something give me and ...

 How is angina diagnosed and what is it?

 Can influenza flu cause gradually myocarditis in several weeks or months later?
Can it happen only to high risk of aging people only?
How many people in US really had acute myocardial infarction from influenza flu annually?...

 26 year old female with chest discomfort/pain....?
Hi, For the past few months I have been experiencing some chest pains that come and go. Sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right, but mostly on the left. Now in the past week or so its been ...

 heart burn from alcholol?
im 20 years old and lately everytime i drink any type of alcholol i get really bad heart burn. i have been drinking since i was 16 and have never experienced this....

Stage 2 Hypertension diet?
I just started at a gym to being getting back into shape and when I was with the personal trainer she did my assessment and now found that I have stage 2 hypertension. She took my blood pressure which was:

171/110 with a pulse of 80bpm
a few mins. later 168/108

Well, needless to say she wasn't able to provide anymore more training till I get this lowered. So I have made an appt. with my doctor and will probably be on some meds, but here is my question:

I have extremely poor eating habits, so what is a good diet for me to permanently try and maintain so that this does not get worse? also looking to totally revamp my eating style so I also eat less.

Currently I weigh 210, 30/years old

A nutritionist is the best person to help You with the right diet for You. As for now, You may look up something called the " DASH " diet for people with hypertension problem. The following two links will be helpful:

There are also just some natural ways to lower hypertension but the true question is if You are willing to commit yourself to following them.

First of all if You don’t eat garlic add it to your daily diet. Doctors recommend eating up to three or four cloves of garlic every day. Experiment with ways to use garlic in soups, salads and sauces. Prepare the cloves in a variety of different ways such as slicing, chopping, mincing or smashing them. You can even make garlic into garlic butter to spread on toast and crackers. If all else fails and you simply cannot stomach garlic or do not like what it does to your breath, check your local grocery store or pharmacy for garlic supplements.

Other natural ways to lower blood pressure when it comes to eating include reducing how much fat and salt you consume, as well as fatty and fried foods. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis as you can, preferably five to ten servings. Vegetables that you should increase your consumption of include Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cabbage. Not only will they do your heart good, but these leafy green vegetables are believed to be excellent at preventing and fighting cancer.

Other natural ways to lower blood pressure include taking the time to exercise every day and preferably for 30 minutes a day if not more. Exercise helps keep the arteries clear of fatty build up and it encourages blood to freely flow through the body as it is meant to. Not only that but exercise releases endorphins in the brain which are “feel good” hormones that, as the name implies make up feel happy and good. Those who are currently inactive should start off slow. Do small things such as taking the stairs or going for a short walk on your lunch break and work up to other physical activities such as longer walks or time spent in the gym. Mildly active people should seek to incorporate more exercise into their routine as well as devising an exercise schedule they can stick to. Those who are already very active are doing their heart plenty of good already. It is important to always do warm ups and cool downs in order not to injure muscles as well as to vary the types of exercises you do to avoid boredom.

Natural ways to lower blood pressure also includes what is sometimes referred to as “emotional rebalancing.” This involves many aspects of one’s emotional and mental well being such as finding ways to manage stress, learning to assert oneself, practicing effective methods of relaxation, setting goals that are within your reach and finding ways to be as good to yourself as possible. Natural ways to lower blood pressure include all non-medicinal forms of treatment and sometimes you need to do a variety of the above to help normalize your blood pressure.

Also, You may consider taking supplements of Magnesium and Niacin.

Good Luck !

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