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 Can you go into cardiac arrest from a panic attack?

Additional Details
ok ...i suffer from severe anxiety/panic attacks and every time i feel like im going to faint which i did.. but lately I've been fighting them . I'm trying ...

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It feels like a pen poking me inside....

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Life expectancy is low because of some things including education and diseases and war, but what other things?...

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his heart starts racing for no reason...has burping spells that last about 30 to 45 minutes, also he gets sweaty for no reason, and he feels his heart is jumping....he went to the ER 3 times and they ...

 Has anyone done the sacred heart diet?

 Amlodipine-Benaz, side effects?
Yeasterday my doctor changed my meds.He put me on this without much explaination on what it is or its side effects.I would like to hear from other patients on this med.I am not looking for ...

 does anyone have painful heart pvcs? mine hurt and my doc says they shouldnt?
he says that pvcs should not be painful but even though several tests say thats what these are and they are harmless to me they hurt bad sometimes, also i am thirty years old and just started having ...

 Feels like my heart stops?
Every now and then i get a sensation like my heart stops (for about 3 seconds), with a heavy pressure over my chest. then, it's like it finally 'takes a breath' and beats again.

 Another angiogram - this will be number 6 --?
I'm really getting tired of this - I've already had six angiograms and have 6 stents. Now the Dr. wants to do another one because I get short of breath and tire so easily. Why can't ...

 Marijuana leading to heart attack???
im 20 years old smoke marijuna since i was 16 just recently i have stopped smoking by more than 50 % of what i used to ...
lately i have been experiencing a tightening felling in my arm when i ...

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 what kind of doctors do stress tests?

 what foods can lower my cholesterol and triglycerides and lower my weight?
My cholesterol is 270m and my triglycerides are 1000. I need ...

 thinking critically anyone have an idea of what structure and properties an artificial heart should have?

 Unable to determine LDL?
I had some blood tests ran last week and received the results in the mail today. They read as follows:

Total: 167, HDL: 25, LDL: Can't determine Triglyceride: 411

Why can&#...

 High Blood pressure treatment?
I checked my BP today it was 140/95 and then I checked it again second time it was 149/103. Will my doctor give me medicine or just tell me to lose weight exercise and eat right? is that a number ...

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I've heard it is or is it something else? I happen to be having a health check in about 10 days - can it wait or sould I see a doctor as a matter of urgency? (I've noticed the symptoms for ...

 Heart Rate Questions?
My resting heart rate is 64.
Please explain how you know.

1. What is an acceptable recovery heart rate level five minutes after exercising?
2. What is an acceptable recovery ...

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Hello, does anyone know the difference in Cardiovascualr Tech and Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Tech programs in school. Is one of them more advanced than the other? DO you make more money or more ...

 If left untreated, how long would you survive after a heart attack?
thats about all I want to know.
Additional Details
Okay, I would like to know about and acute heart attack and a SEVERE heart ...

Shortness of Breath; Difficult to breathe in all the way. Someone, please help if you can?!?!?
I know there's a lot to read below, but anyone who might can help, PLEASE READ it and HELP ME if you can!

For the past 3 days, I have had severe difficulty breathing, I've had this problem since elementary school when I 1st went to the doc and was not diagnosed w/ asthma or given any other explanation. It's difficult to explain, but I'll do my best: I'm sitting here breathing like we all do, suddenly I feel as if I can't breathe in a deep enough breath, I sometimes have to move my body around (tilt my head, sit up straighter, etc) to catch it and breathe in deep enough. It's as if the normal amount of air that I breathe in while regularly breathing is not enough to fill my lungs and then I suddenly feel that urge to take a deep breath. This is something I've been dealing with since elementary school. The severity over the years has gone up & down, at times not bothering me for up to 24 hours, then at other times bothering me throughout the day for days at a time. As I get older, I feel like it's getting slightly more difficult to catch those breaths. Over the years, I've been given different inhalers, all of them for some form of asthma (I assume, I don't even know) but I've not been given any diagnosis. Altho the inhalers do open up something in me, I don't feel they're opening up what ever it is that I need cleared for better breathing. "My Breathing Problem" is what I diagnosed it & been calling it for years. There's no pain typically associated with it, but when there is pain it's deep in my shoulder blades.
These last 3 days I have exhausted myself trying to breathe (literally). I don't know what's happened. Catching a deep breath will typically last for a while before I have to do it again. I'm so used to it that if it's not acting up I don't really even notice when I do it.... For 3 days the shortness of breath feelings have literally been hitting me back-to-back-to-back, sometimes as little as just a minute apart. Small things like rinsing a dish in the sink or walking to the bathroom have made me struggle to catch my breath. The past 3 days have been the worst it's ever acted up. I feel like I've been working my butt off just to breathe. I hope when I wake tomorrow that it's back to normal (what my normal is) because I don't know how much more I can take.
I don't have insurance and try to stay out of doc offices unless I HAVE to go. Anyone who's knowledgeable about this breathing issue or anyone at all who can help me, PLEASE HELP point me in the right direction of figuring out what it is and what I can do about it besides get expensive inhalers that do not touch the area that my problem is in.
THANK YOU for taking time to read this and possibly helping me.

gangadharan nair
ECG and Stress echocardiography may done to rule out any cardiac problems.

It sounds asthma. When was the last time you were to the doctor for this problem? Sometimes anemia can make you short of breath also.
You need a physical exam with bloodwork and pulmonary function test.
Explain that you don't have insurance and they may work out a payment plan for you.

Dr Frank
Not all asthmatics wheeze, but most with as long a history as yours usually have at some time and it is something conspicuous by its absence in your story.

I am afraid it is impossible for you to avoid a medical contact as you need both respiratory and cardiac investigations, ideally carried out by a good general physician one who TALKS TO HIS PATIENTS this time.

well i have had this problem and i got diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia which is not serious sounds like you just need some iron...go to the store and get iron pill and see if it helps otherwise im sorry i dont know what to tell you

EDIT: Iron deficiency anemia is where your body does not make enough red blood cells which are responsible for carrying oxegen through your blood stream therefore giving you the feeling of not getting enough air

here are some other things i have found as well if the iron pills do not work for you...

are you having anxeity attacks? google it

here is also a list of things that may be happening....


if things get too bad i would consider getting another opinion or switching doctors or take a trip to the ER the ER will take you even if you dont have insurance they are required to by law. or you can get on medical assistance and they pay for everything you should go to your local county assistance office and get it

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