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 a friend of mine has a hdl cholesterol of 306. how serious is this?

Additional Details
Tony C is right. My friend gave me HDL when it was supposed to be LDL. Thanks for the info. She does have a serious problem and plans to see her doctor ASAP....

 Always tired, heart palpitates, can't stand ANY sort of heat, feel dizzy ALL THE TIME...what could it be?
I know I should probably go see a doctor, but I just want an idea of what the problem could be. I used to think I was just lazy in high school gym, or the reason I couldn't work out without ...

 I am 83, what should my blood pressure be?

 Irregular heartbeat? Any thoughts?
I have never noticed it before... It is when I try to go to sleep, especially when I lay on my back. Puh, Puh, Puh, Puh, Puhhh, puh puh puh, puh Puhhhh. Lol, I don't know how else to explain it. ...

 have any of you had open heart surgeries?
have any of you had open heart surgery? i've had 4 in my life and im beginning to not wanna show my scars, its really hard because its almost spring, and i dont want to where long sleeve shirts ...

 What could cause shortness of breath, fatigue, low heart rate, and dizziness?
My girlfriend has had multiple issues with shortness of breath, low heart rate, fatigue, and dizzy spells. She passed out about 2 weeks ago, at Belk. We went to UNC hospital to run multiple test on ...

 youngest age to be at risk for a stroke?

 What are the Cons of an Artificial Heart?
I'm debating against it in U.S. History. I'm gonna lose because I have the zipper, and hearts save lives, but i still need to defend the zipper. Please help!...

 Does anyone have any tips on how to lower high blood pressure naturally?
Recently, my boyfriend went to the doctor for his check-up and was diagnosed with high blood pressure. He's been under a lot of stress lately but he is a very healthy person. He eats right and ...

 Why does my heart... feel so bad?

 heart pains and shaky?
all of a sudden my hearts racing and i feel like im choking and im having heart pains on the rest side of my heart and hard time breathing..
im really shaky and i have a chest infection at the ...

 ok i need help last night my grandmother i know she had a heart attack?
because last night she had
Chest pain so bad
she was Sweating
her Jaw hurt
Arm & shoulder pain
and vary Nausea
and had a hard time breathing
and it was ...

 What are symptoms of High Blood Pressure?
A friend of mine is often woken at night by a shot breath and after that his heart start pounding fast.But he most of the time have a partial ache in the chest and a short of breath....

 If a man of 43 suffered a mild heart attack, what MUST he do to live a long life free of further heart probs?
I know exercis, diet, and no smoking...but specifically he should eat what and how much or little of it. What and how much exercise--how often? How much alcohol intake. Anything else?...

 fast heartbeat suddenly, without being afraid or doing tiring activity ?
today since like 3 hours my heartbeat has started to get fast suddenly after eating 2 chocolates...its 80 beats per minute
is that normal ?
does that mean im diabetic ?
there's a ...

 My EKG was read by a Cardiologist: Atrial flutter w/2:1 heart block Nonspecific ST and T Wave abnormaliites?
This event happened 5 days post an atrial Fib ablation. 6 weeks prior they did an atrial flutter ablation. Now I may be looking at an AV node ablation. Does this mean I had an MI?...

 Blockage in legs without having test to prove it?
Yesterday my new cardiologist checked my heart and then did a sonogram on my renal arteries. They all turned out clean and no blockages or problems. Without doing any sonogram or tests on my legs, ...

 I have a murmur in my heart and i might end up having a heart attack but i want to join the army.?
Just got back from the doctors and they found out i have 2 valves instead of 3, the murmur i have is small but if i do weight lifting everyday for 2 hours it strains my heart and this could lead to ...

 how long will i be tired after my heart attack?
I had a mild heart attack with no permanent damage to my heart. My dr said their is a good chance it will never happen again. It happened 3 days ago and I am easily tired. How long will this last....

 Is blood pressure measured through clothes accurate?
A nurse took my BP through my sweatshurt, and it was after I rolled the sleeve up and made it all bulky because I thought it would be further down to measure. Would it be likely to be measured to ...

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
***Pleeeeeeeese answer - Can a paralyzed stroke victim regain feeling?
My grandpa just had a stroke, (as in few hours ago) and was air lifted to a larger city hospital. We just received word that he is completely paralyzed on the left side. My question is, is it possible for him to regain the feeling in his left side and go back to normal? I sure hope so. Let me know

I really wish I could answer that because I can see that its important to you, but I'm not quite sure.

Maybe he could get those robotic hands and major surgery, but I'm not into medical things so I dont know.

I'm horribly sorry.

Good luck!!!

they have drugs now that prevent swelling to the damaged area of the brain, usually if given in a few hours ,permanent damage can be prevented. Rehabilitation is very helpful in regaining use and feeling. Great strides have been made, keep up the hope and my best to your gramps.

Unfortunately, there's no set answer to your question. Everyone's brain is different, their strokes are different, and their recovery is different.

In some cases, people regain feeling and muscle movement on the affected side. They can learn to walk again, at least for short distances. Others regain just enough to transfer from a chair to a bed. In some cases, the stroke victim remains dependent on a wheelchair. Generally, the affected side doesn't return to "normal," though people can do a good job of compensating.

I work in a healthcare setting and I meet people who have had strokes every day. If I may offer some advice; don't worry right away about the "big picture." It sounds cliche, but take it one day at a time. Visit your grandpa, talk to his therapists, and have them give you a way to be involved in his recovery. (Often family members can inspire motivation better than therapists!) Once recovery is stabilized, research some stroke survivor support groups. Because recovery can be a slow process, it really is uplifting to see people who have been through it and how far they've come - for both the stroke survivor and their family member.

All the best.

He will probably never completely get back to normal but may be able to regain some movement with physical therapy.I wish I could give you better news but it really depends on a lot of things.Some feeling might be regained as he heals.Just remember he is still the same person inside.I had a stroke last year. Pray for him.God Bless.

Proud Mama of 4
Yes it is possible. Although not likely for a full recovery.

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