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 Has anyone used angioprim or cardio renew that is believed to clear blocked arteries and is this true?
If you are a candidate for open heart surgery will taking angioprim help you to avoid having it?...

 Irrationally worried about superficial phlebitis?
I have been repeatedly told that there is no danger of the clots that have formed in my vericose veins travelling to my heart or lungs. I've had an ultrasound done on my leg to rule out deep ...

 Chest pain after smelling toast?
I got up this morning to go make coffee. My wife had been up and made toast. The smell kind of lingered in the kitchen. Just from the smell I started to have chest pains and my arms start to go ...

 i am 21 and my blood pressure is 128 over 91 i have had it checked over the last 3 years & it has always high?
should i be ...

 How much would heart bypass surgery roughly cost the NHS per operation?
This is the type in which a vein is used from the patients leg.
Thanks in ...

 is 6 81 mg of aspirin to much to take.. I was diagnosed with TIA and really need to keep blood pressure down?

 question about blood clots?
So ive had this persistent dull cramp in my leg for about a year. It all started when I found out I was about a year. It all started when I found out I was pregnant a year ago I read a story about a ...

 i had chest pains along with pain in my left arm last week? help?
i had chest pains along with pain in my left arm last week? did i have a heart attack? right now my left arm hurts but very little my chest also hurts but very little.. how can i tell if i am having ...

 why do i have chest/heart tightness?
it started up about a month ago, i didn't really worry about because i didn't really notice it only ever once in awhile, but now its starting to act up everyday. it feels like i have to ...

 ok so i'm just curious...?
about a month ago my friend had his head on my chest & he started tapping out my hearts beat pattern on my arm lol. it was like it would beat normally a few times, then there would be three fast ...


 has anyone had steven johnson syndrome. My nephew is critically ill with this.?

 Heart diagnose "Kinetic wall motion"?
I recently went to the dr and they did an echo. When they called me with the results, they told me I had "mild hypo kinetic wall motion" and "abnormalities noted in the inferior septum ...

 what does t abnormality , diffuse leads mean on ecg?

Additional Details
DX ...

 Heart soreness but not bad - Heart or Anxiety?
As the topic suggests, I currently have some heart soreness. Its not a bad pain, more uncomfortable and disconcerting more than anything. It is on and off (mostly on), and it is centralised in the ...

 Any one know anything about denocard?
2 questions-
Since Adenocard has such a short half life, why can it be given Intramuscurally? Is it actually effective IM?
What would happen if someone in mild sinus tachycardia ...

 i feel heart pain during bowel movement...what could this be?
i am 16 years old
maybe around once a week ..it happens often-occasionally... but not daily

during a bowel movement... or immediately after.. i have this weird feeling in my chest.. ...

 Medical Condition Question?
so if u have sharp pains in you side, an in your chest. almost like its a heart attack, its hard of breathing. an i get panic attacks every now an then. can some one tell me what it might be? an wat ...

 Can smoking cause a high cholesterol?
I had some blood test done and my LDL was above normal...It was 137mg/dl...I'm only 22 years old!

I would appreciate your answers


 a 28yr old female has a stroke, what could be the cause?
Out of no where today my cousin had a stroke. What could be the cause? She did do a little drinking and drugs like pot,coke and pills but I am not sure which ones she took....

Normal Heartrate for a 1 year old?
My 1 year old daughter had a very fast heart rate when she was 4 weeks old it was over 200 BPM.
But now lately she has been screaming and not sleeping and we noticed her heart was beating very fast (not sure how fast)
But I want to know how fast is normal and when its a call for concern.

toddlers heart rates can be between 100-160 bpm that's normal for them there hearts beat faster because the blood returns to there hearts quicker because there so small

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