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 How to avoid bypass surgery?
My Father is 49 years old. He has 2 block in his arteries. The doctor tried to do angiogram to remove the blocks but failed. Bypass is the only option given by the doctor. But, is there any other way ...

 Is this heartburn that l am having?
My chest has a burning sensation and when l belch, it burns a bit more. lt does not last long but it is preventing me from sleeping. l have tried drinking water but it's not helping? :/

 Should i call a doctor?
hey if anyone could give me some advice id appreciate it. I wont lie, last night i was smoking a joint and randomly it felt like somebody was squeezing my heart and it got very hard to breath and ...

 i have normal blood pressure but my heart always palpitating should i worry about heart enlargement.?
my heartbeat rate is usually 89-109...

 Why did my blood pressure spike?
I am a nursing student. My BP is normally 120/80. However, at the hospital I was talking to my teacher who makes me pretty nervous and my BP shot up to 144/88 when she was showing me how to use the ...

 is 79/36 for blood pressure something to worry about?

 Heart Attack?
Is it possible for a 10 years old kid to get a heart attack who is 144 pounds? Because me and my friends were talking about health and my friend said that a kid can have a heart attack,
Plz give ...

 Help my friends having a heart attack and he's 30 min from hospital, medics are on their way, phone died HELP?
what do I do until they get here?
Additional Details
were at a country cabin this isnt a ...

 what artery does the blood leave the heart to the body?

 PLEASE HELP ME NOW should i go to the hospital?
ok so im 13 and im really sick
my head is spinning .... [i might faint?]
i feel liike everyhthing is a dream[am i light headed]
my fever is VERY high [my mom just took it she almost ...

 My mother will have a coronary angiography soon..?I am scared that something will happen during the procedure?
I know that the benefits outweigh the risks but I am still quite afraid. She never has had any problems with her heart, so this is very sudden and surprising for all of the family. Agh, this is hard....

 My brother had a mild heart attack and angio revealed that he has two blocks in coronary artery.?
Should he have to undergo bye-pass surgery or have medicines to get it cleared?Doctors insist on surgery.He is 52 years old hale and healthy.How to avoid these blocks developing in us?...

 Is it normal to be able to see and feel my heart beat on my stomach?
When I lie on my back I can feel my heart beat pulsing and even see it. is this normal?!...

 Did I have a heart attack?
I'm 35 years old and lately I have had a pinching and sometimes painful chest feeling that lasts for minutes. Last night I felt it until bedtime and I couldn't sleep well. It was a ...

 I can feel my heart beating?
Okay I'm not over weight I am 16 years old and I weigh 110 pounds, just now I felt kind of dazed over I felt weird because I can literally feel my heart beat like it was beating extremely fast ...

 I'm scared I have a heart problem...?
I'm 14 years old and I keep having heart palvatations.

And today it felt like I had 3 heart palvatations at once. I thought it was a heart attack.

Is this bad and should I ...

 Help! Irregular heart beat?
Since yesterday, I have been just doing normal things like I usually do and I will suddenly get one single very rapid heart beat (like you do when someone scares/startles you and you lose your breath ...

 can you feel the symptoms of high blood pressure?
sometimes i feel a pressure or fullness in my ears/head. I didn't know if it was blood pressure or sinus....

 racing heartbeat, lack of sleep?
Hey. these few days i have been sleeping really little because of stupid exams. and just recently i realised i have been experiencing these pounding heartbeats in my chest, like it suddenly starts ...

 Why does my heart hurt at 15? please help!?
my heart just suddenly begins hurting well iih seems to feel like its paining there i just got out of a 2yr relationship but am not having any problems from it. im only 15 years old. its really ...

Need emergency medical care but no insurance....will county hospital turn me down?
I am having major problems...no insurance since husbands been laid off....state will give my kids medical cards but not me because of hubby. Only way they will is if we seperate. I have congestive heart failure and have bronchitis right now. My stomach is swollen to a basketball size or bigger with water water and it's started to swell up my legs too. If I go to the emergency room what will they do? My Laisix are not taking the water off and I cannot walk 10ft. without huffing and puffing and i'm scared! Any advice would be helpful! Thank you

Oh my...
Go to the emergency room. They will have to see you no matter what.

Feel better!

Have you talked via phone with your doctor that prescribed your Lasix? Often, when increased shortness of breath and increased edema occurs, they often double your Lasix dose for 2-3 days - depending on the severity of your symptoms. They would do that when you go to the ER also in addition to a chest x-ray and probably some blood work. Call your doctor's clinic now - there is always someone on call and get the proper advice from them, explaining that you don't want an ER bill if there is something you can do at home first. Then, if all else fails, go to the ER which is the most expensive form of care you can find. They will see you and treat you no matter what your insurance/no insurance status.

I work for a county hospital..and no they CANNOT refuse you legally...really no hospital can...get yourself to a hospital..who cares what they think..you are a human being and deserve treatment as much as someone with insurance..good luck

Emi Mac
The hospital will not deny you. If they do, you have a right to sue.
Since you have no insurance, they will most likely set up a payment plan, and you will pay monthly, until you pay it off, or get insurance in the future.

Hospitals are required to give life-saving medical attention.
If you are in any danger, they will treat you, but you will receive only the minimum care required to prevent further harm.
However, most hospitals will try to work with you to figure out some form of payment plan if you are uninsured or underinsured.

Please go the the ER!!
you need emergent help, and they will treat you.
please do NOT worry about the bill right now. they will work with you, and often it is on a sliding scale based upon your income.

You sound VERY ILL right now; call 911 if you have to.

You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here - health-quotes.isgreat.org

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