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How long does food stay in your stomach, after you eat it?
Is that a gross thing to ask? If so, sorry. Just wondering.

Happy Yahooing!
Additional Details
For example... a peach.

Im pretty sure it takes 7 hours to completely digest food.

Food generally takes about a couple hours to digest, it also depends on what you eat as some foods go right through ya faster tahn others. Also it depends on the persons metabolism as well. As some people digest their food slower than others and could take a lot longer, but generally that is how long it takes for food to digest.

Melissa R
i think it depends on what you eat...if you eat something heavy it will take longer to digest

miss understand
if prncessang228 was right... that means my junior school teacher had me fooled for many years! she told me it takes 8 days for food to be completely digested. but e qns is, in ur stomach...

denise m
i don't know i have constipation!!!! hahahaha!!!

4-5 hours

based on available evidence, solid foods with high fat content (like bacon and eggs) would take 8 hours to clear. clear liquids like water would take 4 hours to pass thru.

however, it should be pointed out that these numbers are NOT based on good studies. do you remember that story about general beaumont? he was a civil war doctor who was able to study digestion because he had a patient that survived an exposed abdominal wound which allowed him to look directly into the patient's stomach. well, these numbers are based on that one patient! but again, those are the only estimates available to us currently.

Neil C
around 3 hrs

I `ve aways heard that it takes 6 hours for food to completely leave your stomach. Then it goes on to further processing.

from mouth to complete elimination-roughly about 30-40 hours. crazy huh?!!

your stomach is about 50% emptied in about 2-3 hours. it's completely emptied in 4-5 hours.

the small intestine takes an addition 4-5 hours to empty 50% of it's contents.

Digestion is an amazing thing. Forensic scientists use it to determine how long as person has been dead for (based off of how much food is left in the stomach and what it is).

hope this helps

Johnny Cee
Hi ♥Tawnya♥. If you like you can do a test.
Eat some freshly cooked red beets, with or without the beet
greens depending on your tastes. Note the time. And note the
time when you pass them. Normal times will be somewhere
close to 12 hours. Without getting too graphic, you will have
no problem noting when they pass.
I imagine they will stay in the stomach around an hour or two.

Do another test. Purchase Dried Prunes at the Health food
Store. Preferably without sulfur or other preservatives.
Soak approximately 8 ounces in water(preferably filtered)
over night.
Eat all of them for breakfast. Not the pits. Make sure
you are at home for this test. Because you will probably
pass them in 1 1/2 to 4 hours. Yes. That Fast. Prunes have
lots of iron which makes them pass fast. They don't stay in
the stomach long at all.
A side benefit is to take the pit and crack it open with a
hammer. Inside you will find one or two tiny seeds with
a tiny bit of prune nectar. Both the seed and the nectar are
absolutely delicious. You may know this particular flavor if
you have ever had prune Danish. This info was from
Judy Mazel's Beverly Hills Diet(Fruit Only Diet). Fruit diets
are not recommend for more than a few days. The sugar
may raise the triglycerides exponentially.

Another health thing to do is to take an internal milk bath. Charles Atlas, the famous muscle man from the 50's use to recommend this. Eat nothing for 24 hours except one or
two quarts of milk. Less or more depending on your tastes.
Use great caution if you think you might be lactose intolerant or have hemorrhoids. With this exercise you will simply monitor your elimination for your own benefit.

If you are a person who likes to fast, then you probably
know that broccoli is a good food to break the fast with.

Of course you should always check with a Medical Doctor
when beginning this or any type of diet regimen.

I'm sort of a health food enthusiast. Have a great day.

I Cr 13;8a


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