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Strong random pains in my heart?
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My blood pressure is 105/53, is this good?
I know "normal" is 120/80, but mine's been recorded at 81/53 in the past. Today it was 105/53. I'm 17. Is this a good reading. Note: The reason it's been so low in the past was due to an eating disorder.

90/60 is considered to be a low blood pressure (hypertension). your is pretty close to that so i'd say yeah youve got low BP. pretty close to hypertension.

First reading was quiet low,but second reading is a bit improved.Maybe your eating disorder is improving.but you need to have to have atleast 110/80.so you need a little bit of improvement.just continue the treatment disorder,take good diet,drink lots of water.drink cooffee,tea,lime juice and fruit juices.keep getting your BP checked,if its too low then you will have to get admitted.

XxxMwah--Gossip Girl--MwahxxX
erm im studying tis at A level so i don't think i will be very accurate but i don't know if it's really good but the first number tells you the systolic pressure is how much da heart is contracting and spreading blood the second number is diastolic pressure which is the pressure betweeen heart beats. your systolic pressure is higher than before so it's an improvement right.

Dave 1
It's not abnormal, but if you are concerned then go to your GP to put your mind at ease.

Friedrich Wilhelm
Without headache it's wonderful. Otherwise take a cold shower or drink coffee.

Kat C
It's very low and probably due to the eating disorder. While 120/80 isn't anything to shoot for (it's technically considered pre-hypertensive), you may feel better especially if you can get your systolic (the 53) up higher. I'm always really low, too. I trend at 110/60 but that's genetics. However, I do feel tired and cold and I know that when it's higher, I feel more energized.

Unfortunately, the baroreceptors in our carotid walls (and other arteries) tend to hold on to whatever blood pressure stimulus they've received over time. If the baroreceptors read the low blood pressure consistently over time (and sometimes it only takes a week) it will think this is normal and attempt to maintain it. The same is true for high blood pressure, which is why it's so difficult to control or even change.

So, the best things you can do are exercise (only if your doctor recommends it) and raise your blood pressure a little higher. Very low blood pressure isn't good because any further sudden drops can lead to shock and death (obviously you wouldn't be able to give blood).

It can also be harder on your heart (I would guess you have a higher heart beat, too) because it has to pump faster to push the blood through the arteries because they aren't providing the resistance to propel it. This can cause heart enlargement among other things. Check out the Mayo Clinic website for more information on what this means and how to fix it. I hope this helps and good luck!

its ok really-there is nothing wrong with being a little off the average

Happy- Go
Mine is low too....your fine !!!

So long as you do not have any side effects from a low BP such as dizziness then this is absolutely fine. Just make sure you are drinking enough.

Can I just say that a low BP is HYPOtension not hypertension (which is high blood pressure) like "sdoo2ll" said.

And "Kat C" the first reading is called systolic and second reading is diastolic, not the other way around.

well, its normal, just keep eating healthy and enough each day, still get exercise, and you'll be ok! mine is 110/61, so its cool! :)

sistolically is good diastolically is low eating less can cause hypotension

Low blood pressure is always better than a high one. Only worry if it drops really low. Mine is also low and I am glad. If you feel fine do not worry. If you get dizzy spells, or feel tired all the time let your doctor know.

Yes it's good. Mine is 100/60 normally and I'm 29 y/o. As long as your MD isn't concerned you're good.

the blood pressure is fine. young people normally have a low bp. it may also be low if your dehydrated. make sure you drink plenty

That's absolutely fine, it's about what would be expected for a girl your age. Blood pressure rises slightly as we get older, so it's normal for a 17-year-old to be at the lower end of the normal range.

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