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 My fiance's blood pressure is 158/83 but his pulse rate is only 50...is this cause for alarm?

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i went to the doctor the other day for a general check up as i have not been feeling well lately!
when he listened to my chest he said he could hear a flutter in my heart. i have felt it before ...

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 Are eggs bad for your heart??
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Does anyonehave experiance of these tablets and can you ever stop taking them? Thank you....

 Is a cholesterol of 301 bad for a 33year old who is not overweight and 90% of the time doesn't eat poorly?

 This isn't a heart attack, right?
For a couple of hours I have been having some pains come and go in a couple of places on my arm. I have been using the computer a lot today and have been sitting in front of the air conditioner a ...

 i have two heart conditions, plus a stroke in my medical history,with the result i'm not allowed to have a kid
my fiancee and i use condom, but i'd like something more effective (in case the condom breaks, which it has in the past but nothing happened fortunately), cause i'm kind of sort of .... ...

 how do i cope with palpitations?

 My heart is beating faster than normal, i feel so scared !! I couldn't sleep well, dont know what happen to me
Hi everyone, I have this wierd feeling of heart beating really fast. I went to see doctor few days ago he said everything was fine, he also gave me some medicine and sleeping pills but this doesn'...

 Is heart rate and pulse rate are equal?
whether they are proprotional?...

 i am 65 yrs old my blood pressure is 186 over 90 and my pulse is 60 is does this need attention?

Is it safe to go skydiving if you have a heart condition?
I've always wanted to go skydiving and my 21st is coming up so I want do do it. I'm not worried about me.... I want to skydive with my husband.. I think it would be fun and good for him..... he's always so serious (he's an accountant go figure ) He needs to do something crazy lol. but.... he's 53 and he had a heart attack 6 years ago (myocardial infaction) and he takes medication (beta blockers, lipex & some other stuff). Is it safe for him to go skydiving??? I mean its jumping out of a plane from 15,000 feet which is pretty scary...... Any advice from doctors?
Additional Details
and also he has a stent in his heart

no.. unless you want to die..

abstain frm suicidal attempts

Howard L
Yes it would be very risky. Skydiving schools ask for your medical history and most would never even allow him to go up if they know about his heart condition.

lovebugg :)
i'm not a doctor, but my boyfriend who is 20 has had open heart surgery twice (ages 5 & 17) due to heart problems , has always had the desire to go skydiving, but his step dad who is a surgeon told him that it would not be able to. it wasn't safe for him and could be a risk.

I'm no doctor. From what you've said, I'm very much in similar health as your hubby. I would not skydive or ride a roller coaster. There was a true incident re-enacted on tv where a young fellow on his first jump buddy dived with
a older instructor, strapped together. The instructor died of a heart attack
on the way down & the young fellow miraculously managed to pull the chute
cord himself just in time.

gangadharan nair
Skydiving may increase pulse rate and blood pressure. The anxiety/adrenaline rush will increase heart rate abruptly. This may cause life threatening cardiac arrhythmia/ heart attack. Consult a cardiologist.

i am not a doctor yet, i am medical student. if he currently doesn't have angina (stable or unstable) and if he is VERY active then odds are it won't be the end of him. but with that said i would still strongly advice against it. skydiving is a tremendous stress even for a normal healthy heart let alone a post MI heart. if you want to do something crazy try something like a swinger party or something if the B-blockers aren't getting in the way.

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