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 Whats the best medicine and treatment for tachycardia?
I've had tachycardia for 2 yrs and always have taken Propanolol and Atenonol....

 do u know who had it?????
Do u have the key to my heart?????...

 Is this a heart attack?
i was swimming today and when i was swimming i suddendly got cold and had pressure in my heart then my left arm went dead and got shooting pains, then it released and i didn't feel good[i felt ...

 my heart is perpetuating, ever since I had an operation in April 2009 after my delivery of a baby girl?
My heart is perpetuating!!! every day I don't sleep very well I have seen my doctor and other new doctors they gave me different types of drugs, but I am still perpitating since I had an ...

 How to take isosorbide dinitrate?

 why does it feel like i have heart flutters?
every day lately it feels like my heart is fluttering why?
Additional Details
should I be afraid?...

 Does laughing increase blood pressure?
i was at walmart tonight and took a bloodpressure reading at those auto machines. im 19 and very skinny

i was laughing pretty hard when i was having it read and it came up like 155/93

 What is the average BP (Blood Pressure) of an Teenager?

Additional Details
He is 16 Years Old, Big Frame, 5.10" feet, 165 LBS...

 any stress and scan dye caused kidney problems?
i have stress and scan test of my heart the dye and iten they use caused kidney damage?


 A pacemaker for a blocked carotid artery?
My friends mom went to a docter, and said her doctor told her she had a blocked carotid artery and she needs surgery to put a pacemaker in. Now, I thought a pacemaker is to regulate heartbeat? What ...

 Heart Palpitations and beta-blockers?
Ive been experiencing heart palps for a few years. I started getting them particularly bad after I stayed up late the previous night drinking (not smart I know) anyways my dad has Wolff-Parkinson-W...

 Does anyone know the right position for a wrist blood pressure monitor?
I have a wrist blood pressure monitor, but it always seems to being back a lower reading. I wonder if I am holding it wrong. Can anyone help?...

 what is the best way to lower high blood pressure without taking medication?

 can anyone give me an alternative remedy for ectopic/irregular heartbeats? Dr has said its not dangerous.?
I have spoken to the Dr and he advised it is relativley normal but it is a little uncomfortable.
Any help greatly appreciated.

I dont drink or smoke by the way but go to the gym 3 ...

 whats blood pressure thats to low and needs medical attention?

Additional Details
lately i have been getting light headed seeing spot and i think and almost know i have sleep apnea but im starting to have apnea during the day, i will be watching tv ...

 my heart rate was 136 while resting happens ofton, is this normal?

 if u hav a pre heart attack and u dont go to the dr. that day but the next will anything happen?
im studying the heart and ppls behavior. What would happen if this occurs?!...

 What is the causes of congestive heart failure mean and what are the causes of congestive heart failure?
Please reply if you know the is answers of the two questions. Thank you....

 high blood pressure pulse ok.?
is a blood pressure of 155 over 112 a hypertensive crisis or not if not what stage is it in?....

 How much do you think a ekg and stress test is going to cost.How much to check arteries?
I am going to the doctor and need to know what it will cost me to have these tests done.I do have insurance but I have to pay out of pocket first....

Is it possible to lower cholesterol down to zero?
I'm going to get my cholesterol down to zero. Why is this an impossible (and undesirable) goal?

You would be dead with that level. You need to achieve a "normal" level.

Marco Dario argent
the body needs some cholesterol to function. lowering it to zero is not humanly possible! i suggest you talk to your doctor and maybe he will prescribe a statin drug. like lipitor. lipitor lowers your bad cholesterol the "LDL" number which causes heart disease if there is too much of it in your blood stream.

you have two kinds of cholesterol in your blood the good "HDL" and the bad ''LDL" LDL if your number is high your at risk for heart disease. if its low your in good shape. if your HDL is high your in even better shape.

bledi d
The normal cholesterol levels in your body are <200 mg/dl.
Cholesterol is needed to build up the cells walls, hormones, etc. within the normal levels. If you want to lower cholesterol down to zero, this is impossible because you cannot eat all the time spinach or carrot. Your body needs all types of foods, but within their limitations (normal balance).
On the other hand, your body produces cholesterol itself each time it needs it. That is why your battle is lost.

gangadharan nair
Hypolipidemia is a decrease in plasma lipoprotein caused by primary (genetic) or secondary factors. It is usually asymptomatic and diagnosed incidentally on routine lipid screening. Treatment of secondary hypolipidemia involves treating underlying disorders. Treatment of primary hypolipidemia is often unnecessary, but patients with some genetic disorders require high-dose vitamin E and dietary supplementation of fats and other fat-soluble vitamins.
Cholesterol in the normal level is absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. It is required to establish proper membrane permeability and fluidity. In addition, cholesterol is an important component for the manufacture of bile acids, steroid hormones, and fat-soluble vitamins including Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K.

No it is not and this would not be beneficial for you. Cholesterol serves many very important purposes in our body. Cholesterol is found in the cell membrane of all cells in the body and this is very important for your existence. Cholesterol is also the precursor of all steroid hormones (Estrogen, Progresterone, Testosterone, etc.) and bile acids. Cholesterol in itself is not bad. Cholesterol in LDL can be deposited into the blood vessel wall, which can lead to problems.

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