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 How can a heart block effect my career?
what is morbitz type two second degree block and how will effect my military career
Additional Details
no pacemaker and i dont have much confidence in military dr's. I have ...

 Is anyone out there taking Taurine for heart failure?
If so, what is your experience with it. I'm reading about stroke volume increases.
Additional Details
I see my question is a big hit. I will continue to cross my fingers....

 Please help? My dad lied about a heart condition?
Sigh...here goes. I live about 800 miles from my dad. I visit him every June for 2 weeks. Im 33 years old, pretty close to him, but we have had our tough times too. 7 years ago he had quadruple ...

 Natural Supplements and food to lower cholestorol.?
no doctors medications.only natural ...

 I'm looking for Dr. Dean Bonlie in Calgary Canada?
This Doctor treat lower back pain by using Magnetic resonance therapy, for rupture disc and within a week a person he's 100%....

 the artery health institute llc?
that institution sales medicine by vascular disease and hearth I need ...

 alternative to statins?
Is there an alternative to statins for high cholestrol/triglycerides. My doctor took me off tricor and pravachol because of side effects. Blood work in 2 weeks.

I tried niaspan. Doctor ...

 question following heart attack?
My mother who is 73 suffered a heart attack about 4 weeks ago. She was told by her GP (general practitioner) that the blood clot (about 2mm) occurred in one of the small arteries (arteriole ?) on ...

 Is there a site where it list medical terms used in ambulances and in the medical field? (like bpm, b fib... )

 Can you explain this?

See my question:

Why do I have heart problems at 18?

Already saw doc had x-rays done. Nothing.
Additional Details...

 Heart transplants?
Can a woman's heart (legally donated at the time of death) be successfully transplanted to a man with a failing heart, other medical parameters (such as blood group, etc.) matching? AND VICE VERS...

 what are risks of low blood pressure?does low blood pressure means no blockages?Can Artery clearance threapy?
age:41,male weight 185 lbs ht 5'8",no history of cardiac disease,moderately active life ...

 How do I lower my high blood pressure with breathing?
I've heard that breathing can be used to lower high blood pressure but I don't want to spend a lot of money on a gadget to try it. Does anyone know if you can learn it by yourself and how?...

 Can your heart shift in your body?
My husband was in a sever motorcycle accident and all that was addresses in the hospital was his brain injury. This is really strange but when his heart beats it shakes his whole chest and appears ...

 Blood pressure suddenly dropping and feeling very faint?
this is about my mum, she takes a few medications including hypertension tablets, high cholesterol tablets, due to suffering a couple of cva's (stokes) Just recently she has developed over the ...

 My 7yr son has WPW what to we do he is very active they say not to let him run around?
Please help we live in New Zealand and only doctors seem to know what we are talking about will he grow out of ...

 Heart plz helppp me?
im 13 when i was 12 i strated getting a pounding heart and pains in my legs arms and chest theres also a strange feeling in the left side of my chest that i cant describe i went to the doctors and ...

 Does anyone knows how long it takes to replace an existing pacemaker/defib?.Is it considered it major surguery

 how have you perceived treatment on the NHS on an ITU ward ?

 How do I be sure I have costochondritis and not a heart attack (no clinics open tonight, only ER)?
I have the symptoms of costochondritis, but I'm scared it will be a heart attack...how do I be sure?...

Is it ok to take DMSA and EDTA at the same time?
I need to have mercury chelation and would like to improve my circulation. Is it dangerous to take both or should I take one and then the other? I am anxious to feel better.

Interactions have not been systematically studied. Concomitant administration of DMSA with other chelation therapy, such as EDTA is not recommended.


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