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 Is it true that sipping or drinking vinegar can lower your high blood pressure or just an old wives tale?
i am black american 35 5'11 190lbs, i do not eat fatty foods,but i do have diabetes and a thyroid problem. This concerns me because i do no eat bad foods, so not sure why i am getting ...

 Heart and steriods?
I have had for a long time what feels like a skipped beat, or double beat, I could feel this as a heavy feeling in my chest, so I knew it was happening. A few months ago I had what the doctor said ...

 I take lipitor it says not to take it with grapefruit does that include orange juice?

 Is it possible to have high and low blood pressure?
Recently been refered to Cardiologist for possible hypertension (averaged with home reading and GPs readings 140/105 over 6 month period). Now i will quickly mention i'm 21, healthy, 7stone, 5ft,...

 Hospital Operations in India ?
if you are an Indian living in India & you need a heart operation...do you have to pay for it ? if you don't have the money...goes the Government pay?

thank you for any answers....

 Question for a physician. Can u read this Hemogram report (blood test)?
Mid population - 10.8%
Red cell distribution width(RDW CV) - 17 fL.
Platelet distribution width - 15.7%

What does this report tell u.
Additional Details
LOL W...

 Is a teenager likely to live through a stroke?
If a 13 year old had a stroke, will they be likely to live?
Additional Details
my best friend just had a stroke, i dont care if its rare....

 what's the difference between systolic and dystolic in blood pressure?

 How much coffee (per day) teeters on heart attack territory?

 Due to someones previous question about Zopiclone how can I wean myself off it,please look at my profile.?
I have been on this for above two years and would like not to have to take it.
It was prescribed after I retired and had some horrific nightmares about my medical history and work related ...

 Can emotional trauma and long-term psychological stress cause a heart attack?

 Are heart Mumurs hereditarial?
My mother has a heart mumur since forever.
And my hearts skips beats for a few seconds at a time once in a while.
Should i be worried? Is it possible that i may have one too?...

 How can i lower my cholesterol? Doc just said theres nothing i can do.?
The doc's told me that i have high cholesterol but he also said that my current diet is absolutely fine and i am already exercising enough already etc, he says there is nothing else i can do to ...

 Did Michael Jackson have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome?

Additional Details
ehlers danlos...hypermobility in ...

 its about Health! I always have the fear of Heart Attack!?
My dad passed away due to Heart attack.. I 've no sugar,BP,no drinks,no smoking... Even then I;m fear,scar that I may get Heart attack.?...

 Why do we use salt and sugar?
They have no vitamins. They can cause heart problems,kindey failure and diabetes! What is the purpose of them if what they do is harm!
Additional Details

 if a baby HLHS what are the chances of survival?
also, if they survive the first few years, will the conditon get better or worse?...

 Should I go ahead with the treadmill stress test?
I am scheduled for a treadmill stress test tomorrow at 2:30. My paper with instructions says to avoid caffeine and I was thinking it was just for the day of the test. Then I noticed it says no ...

 Why does my heart hurt?
Sometimes when I'm thinking about someone/something my heart starts to ache.
As if like it's tensing up and shrivelling - it really hurts. Then as soon as I stop thinking about it, it ...

 What is Pulmonary Stenosis?
I tried looking it up on Wikipedia, but didn't really understand it. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it?

I think it's called Pulmonary Stenosis or Pulmonary V...

Is a resting pulse of 48-56 normal?
I measured my pulse multiple times since i checked it at the store. The store said my pulse was 62, this was after walkin around the store shopping and such. My blood pressure was slightly elevated. I thought the pulse was wrong.

So each day i've checked my pulse, and its always between 48 and 56 beats per minute. Is it normal? I exercise 5 times a week, but im not fit and still need to lose 28 pounds.

This is a really hard question to answer. Normal rates are considered 60-100 beats per min, although being higher or lower does not necessarily mean "bad." For example, runners, swimmerr or other athletic people can have heart rates in the 40's and 50's, and it is completely normal, because they are healthy and have hearts that don't have to work as hard, but are completely fine and that is what is considered normal for them. No one but a doctor can tell you the right answer, so go to the docs office, and they might do an EKG or even stress test if it doesn't seem right.

spiritual girl
normal pulse well resting should be anywhere from 60 to 80 your blood pressure seem low to me if i were you i would have that checked out thats a very slow pulse have the doctor do a ekg on you and further test because there is a problem with the heart thats called super vetricular tachycardia which is a fast heart rate i have that one i take medication for it to slow it down there a heart problem calle bacacardia thats a slow pulse so have the doctor determine that...

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