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Susie Q
Is 102/62 blood pressure normal?
How do you know when blood pressure is "too low"?
Today I checked my blood pressure in Wal-Mart and it was 102 over 62. One time when I was in the hosptial my distolic bp was 32 I believe. Is this just naturally low bp? I am not on medicines. When is bp "too low" or is that not an issue? I know high bp is dangerous but is low bp dangerous? Thanks. I'm not too worried just curious more.

I also get dizzy when I stand up sometimes or when I go from laying down to sitting up.
Additional Details
I can guarentee you it was not an error. I got the 32 by a nurse in the hospital and I was very dizzy and shakey and wasnt allowed to stand up, so no it was not an error.

How old are you. If you are a teenager below 15 or 16 years old it is ok. If you are older, then it is considered low. The dizziness is nothing.

I don't know where some of these people get the idea that it's too low, and especially when older.
102/62 is a bit high unless it's taken right after some exercise.
I'm over 80 and my pressure usually runs around 117/56 to about 145/70, and that is right in line with what my cardiologist wants.
The dizzyness could be a problem with the inner ear.

I'm afraid I jjust might have to eat crow here, after deciding to read this question again, using glasses, I have to agree with the rest, this pressure is absolutely too low. Somehow I came up with 200/62, and yep, I do drive but with store eyes.

That is rather low, and too low if you are over 30 years of age. What you have left out here is your resting pulse. I would venture to say that with a pressure that low, you probably have a pulse around 50 per minute. And maybe you become fatigued easily? Before the people around you do - doing the same activity? Again, this could be a problem.

john e russo md facm faafp
As I say often in this forum - people seldom provide enough information - and this is a potentially dangerous place to seek health information. There is not really a definition of 'normal' blood pressure. For those younger than age 25 we use 'normograms' which plot your blood pressure on charts based upon age and gender to determine your percentile ranking. Above the 95th percentile certainly gets the physicians attention but by itself it may be insufficient to say if a person has hypertension. In counterpoint - and more to the point of your question - below the 5th percentile is not thought to be a problem unless you are symptomatic. The same is true for those over 25 years old. Above 115/075 mm Hg always attracts my attention - although a blood pressure of 135/085 would not trigger me to label someone as hypertensive. For adults there is no definition of 'low' blood pressure. Some people run 90/60 as their 'normal'. The diastolic reading you got of 32 was likely an error. A blood pressure of 102/062 is OK as long as you do not have symptoms. Unfortunately you state that you get dizzy when you stand up or when you go from laying down to sitting up. This is referred to as postural hypotension. The blood pressure is not supposed to 'drop' when we change positions but for some people it does. If you have postural hypotension there are 2 treatment options - midodrine which is available by prescription - or pseudoephedrine which is over (but behind) the counter. I would not recommend taking pseudoephedrine until you consult with your physician. Postural hypotension does not usually lead to problems but even fainting may lead to a serious injury - so I would strongly encourage you to see your physician. If they determine that you have postural hypotension the physician will then advise you of the risks and benefits of various treatment options. I wish you the very best of health and may God Bless.

Sounds pretty normal.That is about what my blood pressure runs.

gangadharan nair
Most normal blood pressures fall in the range of 90/60 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) to 130/80 mm Hg. But a significant drop, even as little as 20 mm Hg, can cause problems for some people.
The present BP measurement is normal.
Possible Complications:
* Shock
* Injury from falls due to fainting
Falls are particularly dangerous for older adults. Fall-related injuries, such as a broken hip, can dramatically impact a person's quality of life.
Severe hypotension starves your body of oxygen, which can damage the heart, brain, and other organs. This type of hypotension can be life threatening if not immediately treated.

102/62 is normal. Normal range is 90/60- 120/80. A diastolic of 32 is too low. If you are lightheaded or dizzy, these are signs that your blood pressure is too low. It sounds as if you may have a condition called orthostatic hypotension. Be sure to address this with your doctor.


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