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If the heart is a muscle.. can you pull it?
I think I pulled my heart. I've been to the doctor and had tests done, but he said I am perfectly fine. But, I have this terrible "pull" and sharp pain in my heart. What do you think?

I think that it's very hard to know that it's your heart. And, no, I don't think you can pull your heart because there is no contraction to make something move and it can't over-pump blood. Whereas, if you pull a muscle, you've pulled it too hard. You may have pull a chest muscle, or you might e tense thinking about your heart... I don't really know what to say.. Lol.

I don't you can pull it or make it sore like other muscles in your body, unless you workout very excessively and even then the heart can take it.

No it is not possible to pull the heart muscle. Pulling reapers to a strain being put on the muscle from lifting running stretch etc. the heart is not in a position to be manipulated in that way, if your had a tear in the heart muscle like that it would kill you. You may want to check for severe heart burn, or esophagus ulcers...there can mimic a heart attack.

Your heart is a very complicated thing- it's hard to tell you what the matter is without a full medical history and a physical. It is most likely the "pull" you feel is either acid reflux (it ends to sit around the same area) or a muscle issue (one of your pec muscles may be sore). If you really feel something is wrong with your heart (and/or you have a positive family history of heart disease) go see a specialist. It's not something you want to wait get worse if you do.

As for the "pull"- no, you really can't pull it in the same way you can a regular muscle. It's made of a special kind of muscle (called cardiac muscle) that is super-strong yet pliable enough to expand when pumping. If your heart suffers a muscle tear (and it can happen), blood loss would be significant and you'd die in a matter of hours.

You can not pull your heart muscle because this muscle is involuntary (not under your direct control). But, you do influence your heart muscle your whole life by the choices you make about simple things in your life. Your diet, smoking and drinking, physical activity, the way you handle relations and work related stress - all affect the way your heart muscles function. You can influence your heart muscle in a positive way by making good choices and put it under heightened risk by making risky lifestyle related choices.

You have been to your doctor and he investigated and found nothing wrong with your heart. So relax. It is not your heart muscle 'pulled'.

But you didn't write about what your doctor told you about this terrible pull and sharp pain in your chest. Anxiety, indigestion, hyper-acidity or chest muscle pull could be causing this pain in your chest.

You may like to read about different heart attack related symptoms and panic attack at this page..

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