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 What causes the dots?
When you stare at the ceiling or the wall for long enough or in the right way you can see little dots and swirls and stuff. What causes this?...

 why do my eyes hurt when I'm not wearing sunglasses?
when i didn't wear sunglasses before, i can be out in the sun all day long, felt no pain in my eyes. Now that I constantly wear one, it hurts when i forgot to put it on. Is it a matter of ...

 The eye in the back of my head isn't working propertly, what could be wrong with it?
I only see lots of dark tiny strips. In real life I am brunette and have long hair, should I cut it?...

 my eyes are weak, plz tell me what to eat to increase my eye power.& which juice is useful to our eye strength?

 Eye boogers...?
yea whenever i wake up i have them, then i take a shower and i wash my face, and their gone. but, throughout the day, they appear in my eyes again. why do i get these?
Additional Details

 What's it like to be colorblind?
One of my friends is colorblind, and he can't see red and green. He temporarly got his site back for a little bit, but it was gone after a while.

What's it like to be colorblind?...

 What do you see when you shut your eyes tightly and press on them?
Not so much that it really hurts but what do people see when they do this?

I get mad patterns, polygon lines and colours, then eventually a white 'tunnel' approaches and fills ...

 Are there ways to preserve one's eyesight for later years?
I have perfect vision now, although my mother is nearsighted and my father is farsighted. I guess I was lucky and ended up somewhere in-between. My question is: Are there ways to avoid age-related ...

 What are names of monthly contact lenses?
I am looking to buy contacts but I don't know any names.
Also can you tell me how much they cost

 Is it possible to have purple eyes?
I'm just wondering, is it possible? I know people wear contacts and stuff, or edit pictures to make it look purple, but can you be born with purple eyes? THX!...

 Why does only one of my eyelids droop while the other one doesn't?
This issue has been bothering me for a long time, and I want to know why this happens. When I look in the mirror in a relaxed state, I notice that one of my eyelids is drooping slightly, while the ...

 What do blind people see in their dreams?
If people were born blind, then what could they possibly see in their dreams? Do they just see nothing? Or make stuff up, how it would look? PLEASE HELP! IM SO CURIOUS! What would they see? Are they ...

 Question about Contacts?
I just got contacts a week ago. My doctor told me i could sleep in them...so i slept in them last night. I woke up today and it was ok for about an hour or so. Then it started feeling like dirt or ...

 If you're blind and never saw anything in your life, Do You See in your Dreams?
With great respect to all of you:
I'm just curious if you see when you're asleep.
How do you see?
What do you see?
If you don't see anything, How are your Dreams L...

 How does it feel to get laser eye surgery?
When Your in surgery and they cut the layer of your eye does it hurt and do you feel anything. Does it burn. I want to do laser eye surgery and I wanna know what I am in for. Tell me all the details....

 Is it possible to become blind from bad eyesight?
Ive got quite bad eyesight especially my left eye.. its past -5.0 and im not sure i cant remember the exact on my right but its not quite at -5.0 is it possible to eyesight to keep decreasing and ...

 anyone use acuvue 1-day moist contact lenses?
how did they go for you? ive been using them and they r not really comfy and they keep sliding out of place! :O my opticians shocked lmao! happened 2 ne1 else?

 Question for DPCWAM......?
I notice you answer alot of questions in optical. Your source says you are a "eye care provider" What exactly does that mean? Are you like the girl at Lenscrafters that helps you pick out ...

 How would you fix the U.S health care system?

 Is it ok to wear contacts everyday for 8 hours?(I have astigmatism in one of my eyes)?
My father has been giving me a hard time with the contacts. We get into arguments about the contacts and Im tired of it. He says that I should only wear contacts for important events but I don't ...

How long do you have to wait after you had pink eye to wear eye make-up again?
I don't want to catch pink eye again from old make up. Please help me. Thank you.

Any make-up you used before or while you had pink eye is potentially contaminated and should be thrown out. You'll want to at least wait until you have no more symptoms and are done with any medications you may be on. The only way to know for sure is to ask your doctor; he or she is the only one who knows your specific case.

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