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donald s
I can feel and see heart beat in left arm should I call doctor?

That would be your Brachial pulse and occurs in all live humans with arms. However this pulse is usually hard to find and being so pronounced maybe you should seek medical advice. Make an appointment to see your GP.

its ur pulse, u dont need a doctor, u need kfc, or taco bell, and start gaining weight.. skeletor..

Joe P
you should feel a pulse in your radial artery.
that is in your wrist just upstream from the hand by approx.
1 inch.
this is how medical folks can tell how fast your heart is going.
all arteries will have a pulse of one magnitude or another.
veins have no pulse.
if this is, in your opinion, really excessive,
see a doctor. seeing the pulse is unusual, feeling it is not.
be careful.

It's called a pulse.

Call a doctor if it stops

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