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 arteries carry blood away from th heart,th blood is wat in colour?

 Chest pains, nausea, and diarrhea, EKG was ok?
I went a couple of days ago to the doc b/c I was having tingling in my left arm and having "chest pains" from my neck, shoulder, and down my back. The dr performed an EKG and said it looked ...

 Heart Palpitations and Excersize?
I'm seeing a Cardiologist about heart palpitaions, and I have to wear a holter monitor for a month. The Palpitations I get are random, usually when I'm just sitting around. But I don't ...

 What could cause sudden bruising?
My husband woke up this morning and has a huge bruise over his left nipple. He says it doesn't hurt but it looks horrible. If it doesn't go away I'm going to make him get ahold of ...

 Does anyone know about congestive heart failure, dad is crabby and swearing at me all the time, why
he has been a bear cat lately. I have been taking care of him for the past 3 years and this week as been unbearable to be with him. Is this a sign that things are getting worse or just a stage he is ...

 My 13 yr. peke mix has a heart murmur, at a level 5. I was told it is a matter of time,what can I expect?
He also has a tumor on his left hine leg area. I was told that he would not make it if they did surgery. I was given anibiotic and pain meds to give him. Is there anything else I can do to make my ...

 can a elevated d dimer be dangerous? should the hospital admitted me if I'm complaining about chest pains?

 How dangerous is a 5 or 6 bypass for an 81 year old man?
He also has some kidney damage as well.
And how long is the recovery usually?

This is about my father_in_law

 how can increase my HB?

 Are the symptoms to heart and Gerd are same ?
hello. i am feeling heartburn with other associated stomach problems. i also feel pain in chest and in shoulder as well, i also feel rapid heart rate . is it due to reflux (gerd) or there is any ...

 High blood pressure after mitral valve repair?
Anyone has any idea or had high blood pressure after mitral valve surgery? Its been a month since I had surgery and I went twice at the EMS (not to include 2 other times w/ high blood pressure) ...

 how can i lower my blood pressure??
i need to pass a physical exam for a comercial driver license...but i am having trouble lowering my blood pressure...i have been eating healthy and exercising..! i might get a little nervous when i ...

 Airforce waiver?
Is it reasonable to get a waiver for a heart a innocent/benign heart murmur for the air force? I havent had it looked at in 3 years or so If I go get it checked out and I dont have it anymore (my ...

 Can you play a casino slot machine if you have a pacemaker and a defibulator in?

 If you die when your asleep from a heartattack or a drug overdose (also with heart and diabetes existing) woul
would the person that died not feel it and just like leave in their
sleep and does it cause the person to turn blue ?? Lack of blood ? hopefully not ...

 Why would it be difficult to start an IV on CHF and COPD patient?
73-year-old Hispanic female with congestive heart failure. She has a history of COPD and chronic corticosteroid use. She has received respiratory treatments with Atrovent and albuterol in the ER but ...

 What are natural ways. yoga and foods to lower LDL cholestrol?

 I need help answering the blood flow through the heart.. having trouble understanding?
need help understanding this could some plz answer this for me... i am having trouble

a. right atrium g. aortic semilunar valve
b. right ventricle h. pulmonary semilunar valve<...

 can heart disease make you bleed from nose and ears?

 Help me out with my assignment! What is the main funtion of Cardiac Contractility?
How does it differ from Starlings Law?

Thanks guys
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toby<<< oh my god, you freak....

Raymond w
I am dizzy and have chest pain?
I am 20 years old and yesterday i was in the store and felt dizzy and if it got any worse i would have fainted and i have had it before. I also have a chest pain that comes and goes on the left side of my chest but i workout alot do alot of bench pressing and millions of pushups and dips and i also run every night around the track. Am I having heart problems or is the chest pain just from working out? Also I work for a lawn service and i am constantly outside and I am in michigan and the temp was in the 50's and got up to 70 a couple days agao then it dropped to 38 degrees and I am working out in that weather so could the dizziness be from sudden changes in climate, and my sinuses are acting up?
Additional Details
Also I have flushing someitmes my face gets warm and red. So if i have highblood pressure or whatever what diet changes should i make to help my body heal itself. I eat cloves of garlic everyday because i read there is natural things to heal your heart.

bob t
diabetes? check your blood sugar.

Quasi Moto
Dizzy/Faint is a ticket to the Doctor/Emergency Room. Ideally you want to get checked when it is happening. Do it soonest.

If that pain in your chest is a crush or squeeze. Call 911.

Get to a dr ASAP it sounds like you have a problem with your heart, and or heart regurgitation from a leaky valve. My boyfriend had the same thing and he has a leaky valve and now has to have surgery for it.


Obviously you should see your doctor.It's better to be safe than sorry.It could be anything from being dehydrated,to over doing it a bit to much,to a serious chest or heart condition.So,please go get it checked out!

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