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 help 4 clogged artieries.. :(?
Hey my grandmother has had a mini heart attack and didnt seem to be in pain we then realised she had 4 clogged artiries, two are 90% clogged others 80 and one 70. shes having surgery on tuesday

 Is there a cheaper and comparable medicine other than plavix?

 my three year old has a heart murmur...?
i was told not to worry about it, but i am worried. What complication can arise from a heart murmur?...

 Basic Life Support?
Even with the best cardiac compressions being performed less than 30% of the normal cardiac output is achieved Triue or F...

 what could cause a persons pulse to drop to 34 when they have a normal blood pressure??

 want to another test?
i went and had my stress done the doctor call me back and now they feel i need to back and do another test they found a part of my heart isnt get enough oxgen

i am 43 and i am in good ...

 no pain..... what is it?
i experience in my chest a hard pounding. almost like when you are extremely frightned. not rapid, no pain, just a hard pounding where i could actually feel the thumping.
my legs also feel very ...

 Does using saline solution to rinse sinuses increase your salt intake and maybe cause high blood pressure?
Just curious if using saline solution either for sinus rinse or for contact lens care can add to the daily salt intake of individuals....

 Since ace inhibitors may cause intestinal angioedema, could that in turn cause heart arrhythmia?
Was on an Ace Inhibitor, due to a stroke from high blood pressure.The Ace Inhibitor caused severe stomach pain, but kept taking it, as per doctor. Not long after, was diagnosed with heart ...

 Which is the good one: HDL or LDL cholesterol?

 Which leads of 12-lead EKG correspond to which major vessels of the heart?
I know that Lead II, III, avF correspond to the Right coronary/ inferior.
Lead I, avL, IV, V, VI --> Lateral
Lead I, II, III --> Septal

I need to know which leads are for ...

 Could Honey Actually Cause Heart Problems?
For several years now I have thought I was having all kinds of heart problems. I've also been a green tea and honey drinker. I've had almost every test known to man that have to do with ...

 I can hear my heartbeat in my mouth. ?
For the past couple of weeks I can hear my heartbeat in my mouth. I have had my family listen and they hear it to. It is a clicking sound but matches my heartbeat. Has anyone ever had this?...

 Is there something wrong with me?
I'm a fifteen year old female. I have a really bad diet but i'm certainly not overweight. I am active and I am a ski racer. But today in Biology we were taking our heart rates and i kept on ...

 I was told straight by a doc that I had a hole in my heart..after a echocardiogram was diagnose with a PFOflap?
I was also told it was "benign" but to come in
every 4 years for testing..Its been 8 yyears
now am i making a mistake by no doing so please?
Additional Details
The ...

 I don't know... Im scared my heart beats fast?
Like I am so afraid of life. Im afraid of everything :( & I don't know why. Also I suffer from depression. I am 16 years old. I used to go to a therapist but I stopped going because I felt ...

 what happend in mumbai has put a deep sadnes in our heart what say are we safe in india?do we have a solution?
the unlucky 26 nov has left all of us shaken we cant still concentreate on our work we are restless somewhere always do u think we can have peace ever?if yes will it be our withen peace or the peace ...

 High Blood Pressure. Hand Fingers Swelling And Feel Burning Sensation in all Body due to BP Medicine? ?
I am on HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Medicine. Atenolol 50 at morning and at night Losar 50. From Days I started BP Medicine my HAND FINGERS SWELLING AND some time FEELS BURNING SENSATION IN ALL BODY. IS THIS ...

 I've been having some weird things going on with my heartbeat?
It happens randomly, a little more often if I'm upset or anxious. Suddenly my heart will feel like it's stopped, then thud rapidly for a while, and repeat. It has never happened while I was ...

 What is the difference between a anterior and an inferior heart attack?

How long should you be hospitalized for DVT?
My husband finally went to the ER with his severe leg pain. and told him he had DVT. He has no insurance. He was hospitalized monday mid afternoon given shots of the drug that starts with an H. as of last night when he called he said that they took out his IV and was going home in the morning (wed) I have been reading around and it says that they should be taking that med for 5 days. He said that there is going to be a nurse coming to give him shots but I doubt that I think they are just trying to get him out because he doesn't have insurance. They gave him forms for medical assistance but as everyone knows that takes time. Is this correct? to get him out this early? and is there really going to be a nurse coming by? we live in the boonies. and dont have a car so he would be using a bus which is very infrequent. I was able to go see him yesterday for an hour but the Dr wasn't available to talk to me about this. He has tried to understand the dr but with pain meds and not being able to sleep (they wont give him anything for the sleep either) he cant really comprehend everything he is saying. He did remember the Dr. saying that the clot was big. any suggestions what I should do? also he is 34
Additional Details
update he is getting 4 different things told to him by 4 different docs. one saying he needs to get social services first before they can send a nurse.

DVT (deep vein thrombosis) is a serious condition. If a blood clot breaks loose and travels to the heart or lungs it could be a life threatening condition. By itself a diagnosis of DVT is a warning sign. It means that the patient is susceptible to blood clots forming. (PAD, peripheral artery disease) The medication that he was injected with was Heparin. An excerpt from WebMD: "Heparin: Traditionally, people have received heparin intravenously in the hospital for about five to seven days. However, low-molecular-weight heparin is a new DVT treatment. It's effective within hours, reducing complications and hospitalizations. You can do the injections at home, once or twice daily, on an outpatient basis. And because it is more consistent and predictable, it doesn't require regular blood tests."
Aside from that there are blood thinning pills that can be prescribed. That would require regular blood tests to check for clotting time. If your husband is only 34, his chances of getting past this are relatively good if he receives proper care. You may have to help him with this. Be his health care advocate. Speak for him with the doctors if he cannot or will not. This is especially true when he does not have insurance. The business office in the hospital should have some good information for him as to obtaining proper care. It is the responsibility of the discharge planner to make sure proper care is lined up before the patient is discharged. If help is not forthcoming check with the discharge planner first. The nurse most likely will show up to administer the injections. She can, if continuing treatment is necessary, teach you or your husband to give the injections. Talk to the nurse about his diet and possible exercise. Your husband's condition is serious and will not be taken lightly by the hospital. You and your husband should be alert and keep them on their toes. Polite but firm is the way to proceed. You being informed of his exact condition, and understanding it, is imperative. With that in mind please check out the website below. Best of luck to your husband and to you. Take care.

visit http://www.natboard.edu.in/notice_for_dnb_candidates/DEEP%20VEIN%20THROMBOSIS%20(DVT).htm but with newer heparin derivates u need not stay in hospital

yes this is normal,he will have heparin injections at home,the worst thing he can do is sit about in a hospital

The medication being give is Heparin that prevents clot formation. An overview of treatment:

For years, the standard treatment has been a medication called heparin, which stops blood clots from forming. This type of medicine is called an anticoagulant (also known as a blood thinner).

If heparin is given continuously through a vein (IV), you must stay in the hospital for 3-4 days or a bit longer. However, newer forms of heparin that can be given by injection once or twice a day can sometimes be used. You may not need to stay in the hospital as long, or at all, if you are prescribed this newer form of heparin.

The drug warfarin is usually prescribed along with heparin. Warfarin is taken by mouth and is usually used for long-term therapy. It takes several days to fully work. Heparin is continued until the warfarin has been fully effective for at least 24 hours. People usually take warfarin for a minimum of 3 months, but sometimes they must take it for the rest of their lives, depending on their risk for another clot.

You will need frequent lab tests to check the thickness of your blood when you first start taking warfarin. This lets your health care provider properly adjust your dose.

(In rare cases, surgery may be needed if medicines do not work. Surgery may involve:

* Placement of a filter in the body's largest vein to prevent blood clots from traveling to the lungs
* Removal of a large blood clot from the vein or injection of clot-busting medicines.)

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