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 True or False: Your maximum heart rate is estimated by subtracting your age from 220.?

 Please help me!? do I have diabetes!?
hey, ive been eating a lot of Chocolate lately, and ive noticed I have 3 a symptoms a diabetes.

1. Tingling/numbness in the hands/feet (I have it right now, and its not going away)

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She doesnt have any heart problems or anything what wrong with her?...

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I went for a physical check up the doctor said my heart is beating fast, she check again it's still fast. (140 beats)

She ask if I was tired, of course I walk for 15 minutes going to ...

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 heart attack Question? plz no jokes hard to ask?
Hi i am scared about my health, i am 12 years old 170 lbs. 5 ft.
I have been reading about heart Attack in school health. i have realized that i do get 9 out of 10 of those symptoms.
i ...

 sudden accelerated heart beats? i'm not scared or under stress.. why?
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 How do I lover my cholesterol?
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 Does anyone know anything about an angiogram?
I had a mild heart attack last week and they want to do a coronary angiogram which I think entails putting a liquid up an artery to take an x ray.This is is put in at the groin area.But the chap in ...

 is my blood pressure too high?
my blood pressure has been measured as 129 over 76
my resting heart rate is 50
is this high?

How long is your brain alive after your heart stops beating and can you hear what is said at that time?
My brother completed suicide April 5th this year by stabbing himself in the heart 2x. The doctors could not repair his heart therefore he was declared deceased BUT when the doctor came in to tell us they could not repair the heart, he then said his brain would still be alive for a couple of hours and that he could still hear what we were saying to him at that time. So we all went into the room at the hospital where he was and said our goodbyes. I'm wondering if this is true about the brain and his being able to hear us? Has anyone heard of this before?

I've never heard of this. When you're dead, you're dead. Your heart stops, your blood stops, your brain stops, completely. But I am sure he was listening to you from above and heard everything.

The curious one
I searched this question and the only answer I found was that the brain stops before the heart does. I just entered the question in the yahoo search and looked down the page and the question will be on top of the heading.

Kevin Kilbane raped
After 5-10 minutes without oxygen, brain cells start to die.
I never heard that people can hear, after death... it's completely new, for me.
I am sorry for your brother...

Sorry to say but when you're dead you're dead...after about 5-10 minutes with the heart stopped, the brain has gone too long without oxygen. It can't function for anywhere near 2 hours if he doesn't have a pulse, even with good CPR and ACLS.

to tell you the truth we really don't know can they here us or not only the person who's deceased only knows

It's possible that it can live for a few minutes, but I don't think that it can live for a couple of hours. Official declaration of death has to wait at least 30 minutes; sometimes even more. If cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is started within 4 minutes, good recovery is possible, provided the status of the heart and vital organs are good. CPR has to be supplemented by advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) within about 12 minutes. The longer the delay for return of spontaneous circulation, the lesser the chance of recovery.

If they had him on life support and he wasn't brain dead then in that case he could potentially hear you.

Doctor Judith
When there is no blood actively being pumped to the brain, the nerve cells in the cerebral cortex die in two minutes. The nerve cells in the midbrain that control unconscious activity such as breathing can last thirty minutes and the nerve cells in the spinal cord can last an hour without blood flow. The brain has no way of storing oxygen. Nerve cells require oxygen and glucose to function. If the heart were not pumping, the oxygen in the stagnant blood would be used up by the cerebral cortex in two minutes. In order to be aware of something the cerebral cortex has to be capable of receiving input. For sound to be interpreted by the auditory cortex there would have to be fresh blood supply. Conceivably at the level of the midbrain there might be some emotional recognition. When people are in a coma, depending how deep, they do react to painful stimuli (that's how they test how deep the coma is) and the patient can sometimes shout out emotional language in response. The terminology "brain dead" is used for people who are in a vegetative state (resuscitated after the oxygen supply was cut off e.g. by drowning). I know this is a very clinical response to a very painful question. You and your family have my sympathy.

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