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 How high does your blood pressure have to be to have a stroke or a heart attack?
I've had high bp for quite some time and I've always been off and on with the meds due to mostly ins. reasons. after all the dr. visits i've never asked the dr.im 49years old.its 181/1...

 inplanted cardiac difibulator?
Hi im 23 and in 2005 was fitted with an icd cardiac difibulator after i suffered a cardiac arrest at a theme park i am still finding it very hard to be myself and have never really spoken to any1 ...

 OK wen it comes to eggs if i boil it does it still has cholesterol in it?
today i looked at the eggs nutrition contents it has 125mg cholesterol . do you know does that all ways? how about if i boil it ? or fry it good does it makes different.please answer only if you are ...

 Palpitations and infant heart mummer?
When I was born I was diagnosed with a small hole in my heart. I was told this would close by aged five and they never checked up on it again. I have lived a normal healthy life since. I am now 19 ...

 Really worried! Whats going on with my HEART BEAT?
Okay, so for about two hours now I feel a beat right under my lip
I feel my bottom lip moving, it's realy uncomfortable, it's beating, throbbing, QUICK. my lip is spazzing
It kind ...

 Has anyone had or heard of a 3rd. heart bypass surgery?
If so let me know the outcome, and any and all info. you can.
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When I say 3rd. surgery, I mean a 3rd. surgery, and not how many bypasses are done. I am facing my 3rd. ...

 Can cutting the radial artery (on the wrists) cause death?

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lol , dw i'm not think of trying this. I was thinking more along the lines of self ...

 My heart rate is 117 I wasn't exercising I had just entered a store and tested it on a machine?
my friend wont let me drink an energy drink because she thinks that is rather high, What is average heart rate for an 18 year old Female? I had not been running or anything.

Will drinking ...

 How can I increase the level of my HDL or good cholesterol?
I had my Blood tested for Total Lipids. It seems my HDL level is quite low. My Doctor said i am still in my reproductive years so i should be having an elevated HDL to prevent heart attack.My LDL or ...

 silent and mild heart attack symptoms?

 I had a heart attack 6 weeks ago and now my bank wont cover me for my trip to florida?
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i have high blood pressure, how can i lower it?...

 Is blood pressure at all effected by what/when you ate?

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 Sudden increase in heart rate after exercise?
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 heart racing all day. ANXIETY, PANIC.. etc how to slow down?
too much circulating adrenaline from too much anxiety and too much of all the above happening too often, etc.

it feels like my heart is just working hard 24/7 like its never in its ...

 Heart pain and headaches. Any connection?
I am almost 20 years old, (generally) fit and healthy but have had chronic daily headaches (whereby I have a headache everyday) for the last five years or so. I take medication for them and they are ...

 What is the treatment for Potassium deficiency?
Also, how bad would it have to be for the person to get hospitalized?
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Ok, but I read somewhere that a potassium deficiency is rarely caused by not eating enough of the ...

 when is chest pain dangerous?
does it have to be on the left or in the center or can it also be on the right side to be a cardio issue? i am being treated for angina but last week or so i have had pain on the left hand side right ...

 What diagnostic tests would be used to confirm an MI?

Lily J
How long does it take for the beta-blocker Propranolol to take effect?
I have searched for hours trying to find out these 3 questions so please help me out! About how much time before a presentation (thats what im taking it for, to cure fast heartbeat and anxiety during presenting) should you take it? some say an hour, some say 2, some say 30 mins i really need to know so i can time it out and know when to take it. Also how long does it last for? And lastly, does weight matter in how it affects you and how many mg you should take? because i took a 20mg pill and it didint really seem to help, i didint do a presentation (which is when i get nervous) but i did have a slightly nervous experience and i got that really nervous feeling in my chest and heart and now i am very scared to do this presentation next week becuase i am VERY worried that these pills wont work, and the nervousness and fastheart beat nd shortness of breath is EXTREMELY more worse than the slight nervousness i felt on just a 20mg pill !!! Should i take 2 20mg pills? or 3? please help!! thank you!

old know all
Drugs have different effects on different people. Propanolol usually helps prevent nervous attacks by stopping the body producing noradrenaline -but it doesn't work for everyone. Taking it can induce mild anxiety. If it's not having the right effect on you, go back and see your doctor.

There's a fine line between terror and exhilaration. That's why people climb mountains and go bungee jumping. It's all a question of whether you enjoy the adrenaline rush or you are frightened of it. Taking beta blockers should stop the terror, but it also means you don't get the exhilaration. Try some counselling to find why giving presentations has such an effect on you and to teach you how to enjoy what scares you.

For me it takes more or less straight away, as soon as it get into the system. Make sure you have the correct dosage.

Yes take 2 20mg. They should start more or less straight away, remember they only mask physical anxiety not the mind stuff, so keep your thoughts and thinking in check for optional results.

Sorry i dont have an answer, im in the same boat but no one answered how long it lasts for! How long does this last for!?!?!?!? a few hours?

Dr Frank
Propranolol is still sometimes used as an anxiolytic,but this is not (fortunately) to be confused with a tranquilliser. Propranolol is a non-selective beta-blocker, this means it blocks all beta receptors,not just those in the heart and blood vessels. This means it helps suppress the somatic or physical symptoms of anxiety,but not the mental ones. It slows the pulse/heart rate and reduces sweating and butterflies in the stomach.

To this probably requires between 60 and 80mgs over 24 hours and probably a day or 2 of this dose to have any effect at all. Doses of 10 mgs are almost certainly little better than placebo and even full dose only has a limited effect.

Its takes about 48 hours to work but you'd need a higher dose than 20mgs. Take it daily in the morning. It should stop the physical symptoms such as fast heart beat and palpitations. It won't really stop the mental feeling of anxiety.

The problem is, you are looking for a drug to stop you feeling anxious, which it won't do. It only has an affect on the physical symptoms. As I told you before, if you want to overcome your anxiety issues, you need to see your GP who will refer you for CBT. It has a 70% success rate. You need to understand and overcome why you become anxious. No drug can't make it all go away and the sooner you get your head around this, the better.

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