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 what is congestive heart failure?

 what is the best way to control high blood pressure in the age of 29.?
my height is 6.2 inches & weight is 90 ...

 Congestive Heart Failure?
My grandfather has congestive heart failure. How long will it take to kill him? How long do most people live after being diagnosed with this?
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I'd rather not get ...

 can heart murmurs heal over time?

 Need emergency medical care but no insurance....will county hospital turn me down?
I am having major problems...no insurance since husbands been laid off....state will give my kids medical cards but not me because of hubby. Only way they will is if we seperate. I have congestive ...

 is this normal? who else does this?
is it ok that i find human fingers kind of tasty? i dont eat then often but ive eaten one and i have one in a jar... will i get disease or something?
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you all answer me ...

 What causes chronic sinus tachycardia?
Also experience anxiety and panic attacks. Could I have MVP?
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Also have anxiety and panic attacks. Do not have poor diet or sedentary lifestyle....

 Can Cellulitis cause Tachycardia?(rapid pulse)?
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 Need blood pressure advice. Please help!?
I've been diagnosed with high blood pressure recently. I've become kind of obsessed with taking my blood pressure :x the doctor told me to take it 2-3 times a day around the same time, but I...

 could a person have a heart attack and still live with out knowing it????

 My grandfather is 81 and has a bloodpressur of 180/85 any suggestions on home remidies to get it down?

 best way to lower blood pressure?
without ...

 How can i control my BP (hypertension)?
How can i will control my BP. Some times its going 145/101. My normal BP 140/90. Give some suggestion without ...

 can losing weight quickly cause heart attacks?
I am a fairly young male, about 23, and I wasn't really trying to lose weight, but detox by switching to only fibrous vegetables for about a few weeks. I noticed a rapid drop in energy (which I ...

 How to avoid bypass surgery?
My Father is 49 years old. He has 2 block in his arteries. The doctor tried to do angiogram to remove the blocks but failed. Bypass is the only option given by the doctor. But, is there any other way ...

 Is this heartburn that l am having?
My chest has a burning sensation and when l belch, it burns a bit more. lt does not last long but it is preventing me from sleeping. l have tried drinking water but it's not helping? :/

 Should i call a doctor?
hey if anyone could give me some advice id appreciate it. I wont lie, last night i was smoking a joint and randomly it felt like somebody was squeezing my heart and it got very hard to breath and ...

 i have normal blood pressure but my heart always palpitating should i worry about heart enlargement.?
my heartbeat rate is usually 89-109...

 Why did my blood pressure spike?
I am a nursing student. My BP is normally 120/80. However, at the hospital I was talking to my teacher who makes me pretty nervous and my BP shot up to 144/88 when she was showing me how to use the ...

How long can I go safely without taking my blood pressure medicine?
I have been out of my medicine for a almost a week. I can't get a refill without seeing the doctor first. Due to car problems I haven't been able to make it to the doctor. Can't be off work because they are looking for anything to get you in trouble with. I have an appointment thursday, but I am feeling bad today. what to do?

Madeline G
Go to an ER.

Im not sure if there is a 'safe' period to go without. Such a shame that workplaces make it so difficult to see the doc. I guess worse case scenario you could go to the ER if you start feeling more badly than you do already.

If you regularly go to the same chemist to get your script filled they may give you a few pills to take you through until you get to the doctors...its not good to stop your meds so you should try always to plan ahead for these things. I do understand that it just happens to sneak up on you though. I know the staff a my local chemist and always get my scripts from them...in an emergency like this they will fill my script and then I "owe" them a script.

Take your empty bottle to the chemist and see if they can help you out...BP meds arenot the type that people abuse so there shouldnt be an issue with that...I know in Australia you can get Asthma and BP meds and other such meds on an emergency like this. You must take your empty packet in so they know what you take etc.

You really can't go safely without taking your meds once the half life has occurred that's it your no longer on the med and it's no longer controlling your blood pressure. What to do is to better plan your life so this doesn't happen again. While that won't help much with your current situation since were well past that what you can do is ask them if they can call in a script for enough to get you through till Thursday however you've already been off it for a week so it may not kick in for a few days and another thing to keep in mind is they may not want the liability you've created by choosing to take yourself off the med. The best thing to do is call the office and talk to them about your situation so you can see if something manageable could be come up with.

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