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 how can i lower my blood pressure?
i have high blood pressure, how can i lower it?...

 Is blood pressure at all effected by what/when you ate?

I've got 150/90 readings both times at my GP panning between 2 months. But i've just got myself a blood pressure monitor cuff wrist and i got a reading of around 110+/60+ on multiple tried.<...

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it feels like my heart is just working hard 24/7 like its never in its ...

 Heart pain and headaches. Any connection?
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 What is the treatment for Potassium deficiency?
Also, how bad would it have to be for the person to get hospitalized?
Additional Details
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 when is chest pain dangerous?
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 What diagnostic tests would be used to confirm an MI?

 No high blood pressure before heart surgery, why blood pressure medicine after?
In Aug., clean bill of health, end of Sept., five by-passes. Three at 90% and two at 75%. If I didn't have high blood pressure with those blockages, why do I need high blood pressure medicine ...

 what happens when your heart is enlarged?
my mother just told me that she just found out that she has an enlarged heart and she's in her 70's. can someone tell me how bad that is....

 Why is my blood pressure go higher even after excercise?
im 20, male, 260lbs 5 11ish

i thought excercising helps lower BP, but whenever i do a simple task like just walking to the store and back its high to a point its 152/108...thats horrible<...

 lately I've had a nagging cough and my heart flutters quite a bit. Is there any connection between the two?

 What causes havoc on arteries?

 How does ECG Electro Cadio Gram Work? How do doctors able to read graphical image?

 what president had marfan syndrome?
Did president lincoln have marfan ...

 Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator? Have you had success with this? Or is a family member having success?
I learned this morning from my mom that my dad's heart is only working 25% and needs an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator. Also known as ICD. At the end of the month a specialist is coming ...

 What kind of sickness/ disease do i have & Should i consult to a specialist without my telling my doctor?
For the past 4-5 weeks, i have been frequently having heart/chest and throat pain and sometimes, it could hurt pretty severely. Despite I have done my research on these symtoms, i'm still unsure ...

 Were these symptoms of a heart attack?
This past Sunday I suffered what seemed to be a heart attack. During an argument with my teenager I felt a heavy tight feeling on my chest which radiated up towards my neck til my jaw. My head felt ...

 How long can a 76 year old diabetic male be expected to live with congestive heart failure?
Assuming that everything is controlled, and I know a lot of factors weigh in, but just on average.......

How high does your blood pressure have to be to have a stroke or a heart attack?
I've had high bp for quite some time and I've always been off and on with the meds due to mostly ins. reasons. after all the dr. visits i've never asked the dr.im 49years old.its 181/131 now but has been higher before

You are at risk for major cardiovascular events, such as a heart attack. High blood pressure is also a risk factor for stroke. You need to listen to your doctor and try your hardest to stay on BP meds.

Make an appointment right now.

My daughter use to have major high blood pressure, readings around 230/145(average).Keep in mind that medications won't do all the work . My daughter switched into a drastic diet called raw vegan. Basically she started eating a raw vegetarian diet. Only after 1 month of diet her BP was down to 170/111(average) after another 6 months her readings were between 120/85 and she was ask to discontinue 2 blood pressure medications. Also we were told to monitor her blood pressure very closely so we got the Omron HEM 711A/C extremely accurate about $40. Now her blood pressure is normal and she only take 1 medication.

Your blood pressure is way to high, it's strange you haven't had trouble already. This will also cause an enlarged heart over time, something that can kill you right out. I suggest very strongly that you see your doctor right away. If he can't get you in after you tell him the problem, then I really suggest you go to the nearest ER and tell them. You are at deaths doorstep.

Ellen J
I don't know exactly but it appears to be high enough to cause concern. I would definitely be worried about a stroke.
You know, if it's a matter of money and insurance than there are other ways that you can try to bring down your blood pressure. This can be at least partially controlled through food and exercise. I would start doing a little research on line if I were you, and start looking for ways to change your diet and find ways to exercise to bring your BP down. Don't just sit around and wait for a stroke to happen. Take charge, as much as you can, of your health so you aren't a premature victim of something that will ruin your life.
High blood pressure can also cause heart disease and kidney failure.
Ask your doctor about diet and exercise too and see if he can refer you to any sources.
I found a lot of good BP control sites by just entering "Blood Pressure Control" into my browser.

Binst supports Frenchdoc
This is way too high. You may need additional medication if it's your regular value.

Ask for a 24 hours BP monitor so they can assess your BP throughout the day/night.

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