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How does cholesterol relate to Coronary Arterial Calcifications (CACS)?...

 could one physically feel the difference between atrial and ventricle fibrillation?
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 Are diuretics an issue for someone with a sulfa allergy?
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 my blood pressure is 87 over 70 is that good?

 I exercise daily and eat healthy everyday and have a pulse rate of 50 is this the best pulserate u can have?

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 When I watch a suspence movie, my left side of my chest hurts, why?
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The pain is so dull that its barely noticeable but still pain. Is this a heart ...

 Will I have a heart attack?
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After that I was craving for salt. Then I had a small sack of onion rings from Burger King that about 7 grams of fat.
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 Why does my heart hurt? Docs help needed.?
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 Do i have a undiagnosed heart condition ? PLease help me?
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 What should I expect at the Cardiologist?
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 How do you get your pulse to go down?!?
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How do i overcome the fear of thinking i will have a heart attack even though i'm only 22?
I think it all started when i had panic attacks a couple months ago and since then i have been worrying of getting a heart attack. I do not have panic attacks anymore because i was taking medication, but now i am free of medication and am coping well with my anxiety, although it's this constant feeling of worry of a heart attack that scares me. I am a healthy person, i eat healthy (hardly any fatty foods), i exercise 5 days a week for at least 40 mins and i try lead a healthy lifestyle, so why do i worry about heart attacks?

a good psychology counselling can help you very much, my opinion is that a good brave person should forget about the heart issue and start using your good brain.

The indigence of heart attacks for someone under the age of 34 is one in 33,000. (at least in the USA) At your age the likelihood of a heart attack is much less. You appear to be doing everything right as far as heart health. The panic attacks will make your heart speed up and you feel that and become more anxious, which adds to the panic feelings and so on. You do not have any of the maladies of the heart that someone older might have, such as blocked arteries or enlargement. Particularly since you exercise and are not overweight. You heart can handle the occasional panic attack with no adverse effects. It is not the occasional periods of stress that affects a persons heart, but a constant unrelenting stress that can do some damage in the long run. I believe that you have little to worry about as far as your heart is concerned.

Get a physical exam by your health care provider to make sure your heart is healthy (at your age heart attacks are not very common). It is good that you eat healthy foods and exercise. Avoiding smoking, illegal drugs (like cocaine) and keeping your cholesterol and triglycerides in a healthy range are also helpful strategies to decrease your heart attack risk. Talk with your health care provider about your fears. Hopefully, he or she can reassure you.

Laurence W
Good question.

If you understood how heart disease occurs and requires decades to build up, you would realize it is highly unlikely you could induce a heart attack, and that your worries are totally absurd.

Its like worrying you might become a light bulb, because you are a little dim.

There is nothing rational about anxiety, however you have to realise that there is no rational reason why you should have an MI at your age. What I suggest you do, is see your GP and ask him to refer you for CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). You might find it beneficial.

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