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 Sudden rapid heartbeat?
Okay, I hope this isn't life threatening. I'm a college student who drinks one coffee a day and is under a decent amount of stress I'd say. Sometimes, at very random times I will ...

 Just found out my father in laws dad has a torn aorta?
what is a likely outcome for this??...

 I was informed by my son's doctor that his white blood cells were low; anemic or something else?
He is 16 years old and I was wondering if this could be dangerous. His doctor told me to give him a multiple vitamin. Is that enough or is he just not telling me the other possible causes?...

 Are Pulse Oximeters from ebay at around £30 any good?
hospital versions of Pulse Oximetrers r rather expensive so can u trust these cheap devices work properly?

I mean such devices: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Finger-Pulse-Ox-Ox...

 Can you have a heart attack even if your arteries aren't blocked?
also, can you have a heart attack just from high blood pressure?...

 Why has he had a stroke ?
My dad is 52 and has been an alcoholic for around ten years.He has recently had two strokes and has lost all movement on the right side of his body.He is having clots on the left side of his brain ...

 What has caused my change in blood pressure from 84/60 to 135/86?
I am a young adult female. 6 months ago I went on birth control pills for the first time, and at that time my blood pressure was 84/60. I just visited a doctor for treatment of a UTI and now my blood ...

 pvc's and heart flops?
pvc's and heart flops can be very scary! does anyone else out there have the same thing. i can acually feel my heart flop sometimes..like somedays i have good days and some i have are bad days . ...

 What is the differene between a heart attack and a massive heart attack?

 I just found out my 13 year old daughter's heart is slightly enlarged on the right side.?
I just found out my 13 year old daughter's heart is slightly enlarged on the right side. She also has a history of Grave's disease. She wants to play Softball. Should I be concerned?...

 write an essay on " Seeing an old man on the road having an heart attack" and what will you do?

 How to lower the cholesterol and the triglyceride?

 Should I be concerned if my heart beat 77 times in one minute?

 Can drinking too much alcohol cause your liver to produce more cholesterol?

 problems with high blood pressure.?
I have recently been experiencing problems with high blood pressure. At the hospital it was 200/110. I am getting help from my GP but cant see him for a week or so.
I have bought a blood ...

 Can someone recommend a brand name home blood pressure monitor that i might be able to buy at a local store??
I would like to get a decent one(preferrably an auto inflating one) but i dont want to spend no more than maybe $30-$80 on one.Can you reccomend a name brand to look for and where to buy here in the U...

 what are the signs of a heart attack in a female?

 My heart started beating weird for a minute. Is this what they call an irregular heartbeat?
This has happened a few times before in the last few months but I've never given it much thought until now. It doesn't hurt or anything, but I can feel my heart all of a sudden beating ...

 My daughter has a heart murmur, is that bad?
I took her to the Dr's today and her dr told me that she has a small hole in her heart....she couldn't explain very much to me but they prescribe some medication that she has to take for ...

 how long does heart disease last for?
also where can i get a bar graph that shows the precentage of people 18 years and older with heart disease and death rates of heart disease, both graph on 2009 or 2010?...

How accurate are the blood pressure testing machines at the pharmacies?
My last testing I did twice.. first was 134/80 and the second was 103/77.... There seems to be a wide descrepancy.

john e russo md facm faafp
Blood pressure (BP) varies considerably during the day and differences of 30 points or more are not unusual. That having been said I do not trust pharmacy BP readings although I not only trust but treat BP based upon 1st thing in the AM home BP readings with the goal being about 110/060. Although BP readings vary by quite a bit during the day they should not vary by much taken 1st thing in the morning at home. Consumer Reports rated the Rely-On BP unit a 'Best Buy' and it sells for around $50 at WalMart. Your BP readings by the way are OK.

In the hospitals we call those machines number grabbers because that's about how accurate they are. Now we can all agree that a stethoscope and cuff are the most accurate way to get a blood pressure reading, but how to take one on your own. I've worked in home respiratory care for 10 years and recommend OMRON monitors for both accuracy and ease of operation. I can listen to someones lungs or brachial artery and hear thing that someone else doesn't hear I trust my hearing as I trust Omron. Forget the pharmacy or supermarket, if you have to take it at home buy the best, take it from a professional

i dont personally like any type of electronic bp cuff,measurments can have a large range..the ones in drug stores etc are one size a cuff and if you have fat arms,like me they don't get an accurate or false high reading...old fashioned way with a cuff and stethoscope works best

no they're battery operated or electrical, the best are the stethoscopes

First, your personal blood pressure can vary widely. For instance, mine can change 20 points in as many minutes.

Second, I doubt those machines are calibrated on a regular basis. If you used the same machine regularly, you would get a rough idea if you're generally going up or down, but from machine to machine - I'd doubt there'd be consistency.

If you can use a variety of equipment and average out (when taken under the same conditions) you'll get the best info, but of course, no one wants to take their pressure 20 times a day.

Try to have the same conditions and test on the same equipment, so you can compare day to day. Every once in a while get it properly done so you know how far off (if at all) your machine is.

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