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 heart attack or am i thinking wrong?
i have pains in my chest that are like squeezing my heart it feels like and my foot feels like i sprained it but i didnt. any tips
Additional Details
im 16 i dont think it is a ...

 Systolic/diastolic blood pressure very close to each other.?
my aged father has irregular pressure 135/125, i.e., systolic and diastolic very close to each other. He feels fatigue and distress. He is consuming medicine such as propronolol, aricept, buspar, ...

 I have been having chest and arm pains for about a week now and it hasnt got any better.?
I take prilosec for gerd and lisinopril and cardizem for blood pressure and benign sinus tachycardia. My blood pressure has been very good below 12080 and my pulse has been good. For a month I have ...

 I brought down my cholesterol and blood pressure simply by taking a certain mixture of otc vitamins and.....?
oils and minerals, but the triglycerides are still up, what can i do that is simple to bring those down too? a certain oil, vitamin, herb that I'm missing? what I really need to know is why didn&...

 Heart Pain ?
I've been experiencing pain in my chest [more my heart area] for the past week. It comes and goes constantly throughout the day. My friend said it could be heartburn, but I don't think it ...

 Can a low pulse pressure be a normal finding?
I'm a 28 year old female with prior history of benign heart arrythmias. Normal cardiac stress test 2 years ago, normal echo 1 year ago, and normal ECG 1 month ago. I have had intermittent ...

 Catheter Ablation Question?
I am 16 years old and have been diagnosed with SVT (Supraventricular Tachyrdia). I visited my cardiologist today and he told me about this procedure called a Catheter Ablation. Which could possibly ...

 how can hypertension leads to heart failure or to stroke?

 Out of nowhere my heart starts pounding very hard??
Every once in awhile my heart will start pounding really really hard and feels like it goes deep in and out?? What could this mean? It only lasts for a few seconds and it doesnt hurt its just wierd ...

 If you wanted to get elected surgery but you had a heart thing would you have to ask your heart dr. first?
this is an actual serious question, for once. i want to have a breast reduction coz they hurt, but i have this heart valve thing, it has a fancy name, dont know what its called, and i take medicine ...

 After By-pass surgery, is it normal to have a bad cough and hot sweats?
Today is day 4. Can't really get any info. from the Dr. and Nurse.
He had a bad sinus virus before he went in as an emergency and
they put him on meds to get him well enough to ...

 Stage 2 Hypertension diet?
I just started at a gym to being getting back into shape and when I was with the personal trainer she did my assessment and now found that I have stage 2 hypertension. She took my blood pressure ...

 How long have you been smoke free?

i quit smoking for 1 year than again started but trying hard to quit....howz life after ...

 Are Stents left for good, or can they be removed?

 how can I slow down my heart rate?
In case I need to or want to?...

 little help on scarred tissue on the heart?
i have scarred tissue on my heart but when i was a baby i had a cardie ac a rest and i need help please im worried sick im 13 years ...

 well mr erk thak you because i am a had a TBI and a stroke as well and im working to gett my strenght back?

 How are strokes similar to heart attacks?

 Potassium, why do dr's say more potassuim and less salt?
what does potassium do?...

 can you unclog your arteries?
Lately I realized im a very poor eater. not a lot of good food going into my body. im not overweight by any means, but im sure my arteries could still be clogging..
im 16 and ive been eating ...

have low BP low 200s over low 40s (200/40) the top is too high and the bottom is too low. is there anything i can do to level the numbers out to more normal. Any help is very much appreciated. any food or drink to help? any medicine? heart pacer is pointless, too weak heart doc said. please need any help.
Additional Details
have already had stroke, have diabetes, death is very possible, but need help for the most time

Most of us eat too much salt. But adding salt at the dinner table is only a small part of the problem - 75% of the salt we eat is already in food when we buy it.

Too much salt can cause raised blood pressure, which one-third of people already suffer from.

It’s called the silent killer as it often has no symptoms, but if you have high blood pressure you are three times more likely to develop heart disease or have a stroke, and twice as likely to die from these diseases. If left untreated, high blood pressure can also lead to kidney failure and eye damage.

The recommended amount of salt per adult, per day is 6 grams: around a teaspoon full.

Of course, one easy way to eat less salt is to stop adding extra salt to your food during cooking, and at the dinner table. If you regularly add salt to food, try cutting it out: you’ll re-discover the real tastes of your favourite foods.

For tips on how to cut back on your salt intake, read the salt page at the Food Standards Agency's Eatwell site (see Useful links).

Look at labels

But cutting back on added salt is only a small part of the solution. To really cut down, you need to become aware of the salt that is already in the food you buy.

Fortunately, food labels now make this a lot easier.

Nutritional information labels are usually on the back of the food packaging. Look at the figure for salt per 100g.

High is more than 1.5g salt per 100g (or 0.6g sodium)
Low is 0.3g salt or less per 100g (or 0.1g sodium)
If the amount of salt per 100g is in between these figures, then that is a medium level of salt.

As a rule, aim for foods that are low or medium salt content. Leave high salt foods for the occasional treat.

On the front of some food packets now you’ll find the traffic light labelling system. This will tell you at glance if a food is high in fat, salt and sugar. Red means high so leave red salt foods for the occasional treat, and aim to eat mainly foods that are amber or green.

For a handy guide to spotting salt when you’re shopping, you can download the, 'How to look for salt when you’re shopping' booklet (see Useful links).

Salt and sodium
Salt is also called sodium choloride, and it’s actually the sodium in salt that’s bad for your health.

Sometimes, food labels may list salt as sodium. But there is a simple way to work out how much salt you are eating from the sodium figure:

Salt = sodium x 2.5

eat the right food and have a regular slight exercise for your body.

Lacey G's Stalker :))
Hello... There's alot of uninformed answers to this post...

200s is definately too high... youre at risk of stroke... When BP's go this high, its never a good thing... you could stroke out.

If youre not already on them, You need to be on Antihypertensive medication... thats drugs for high blood pressure.

No there is no food/drink to correct this type of blood pressure. No matter what these bafoons on here tell you... cutting out table salt isnt gonna mean jack squat right now... First you need to be on meds to get the BP lowered... then you can worry about your diet to help improve the BP. Right now your priority is preventing another stroke!!! GET TO THE DOCTOR.

The type of medication you go on depends on other factors in your health... SEE A DOCTOR!

hockey mom
Have they thought about giving you meds to get your bp where it is supposed to be? I have been on meds for years and it has worked well for me

You need to be on medication and on medication now.

Call your doctor ASAP and get in to be started on meds.

Normal BP is 120/80. Anyone whose systolic BP is that high (over 200) is at risk for a stroke or a heart attack.

Go to the doctor today.

PS - you have given no indication on why you would need a pacemaker -- do you have irregular heart beat? medication can stablize the heart beat and lesson the workload of the heart.

PPS -- diet and salt intake will not help - you will need to change both of these injunction with medication but they will not fix your bp on its own. Borderline hypertension can be affected but you are in stage II hypertension.

Heart Attack Jack
Go to the South American Rain Forrest and spend a life time looking for a miracle plant or go to your doctor and get some medicine now while your looking for the plant.
You called for Doctors and Nurses. Try your local Hospital or Doctor's Office Complex, you'll find them and your answer there.

Your doctor is wrong, and a demand-pacemaker would improve you enormously, but you can't argue with donkeys, -sadly.

Forget about "leveling the numbers out" - it's nonsense. The numbers (a) aren't real and (b) simply reflect the brain's best efforts to give your body the best chance of survival. It's true your heart and cardiovascular system aren't in very good shape but this doesn't preclude your living for ages and ages yet. Keep active, walk gently and constantly, and don't worry, - it doesn't help.

If you're on beta-blockers ( any medication whose name ends in "- - - LOL" they will certainly hasten the day when your heart fails. Wean yourself off them gradually - (NOT SUDDENLY !) beginning today, taking smaller doses and less frequently, until you're off them completely - say in a fortnight or so. You'll begin to feel better immediately, for a start and be taking a positive step towards surviving.

Most other drugs won't do you much harm; they won't do you much good either, -except your diabetic ones. Keep taking those as your doctor advises.

Good luck

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