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 how much does a spect scan cost?

 EKG..........does having a heart condition change the shape of the pqrst wave?

 what will i recommend to people who are experiencing and will be experiencing hypertension?
Hypertension or high blood pressure. What will I recommend to people who have this kind of disease?...

 what makes blood pressure fluctuate tremandously...?

all one patient
all one week

quit taking bp meds recently
high bp was taken on day of 145/90 --- before the reading


I am a 14 yr old female. For the fast few months I have been having so much back pain. I got an MRI done 2 months okay, and they said everything is okay. Now, I am starting to see flashing ...

 I am a 26yr old man.I have a blood pressure of 130/80 and pulse rate of 110.Does it have any adverse effect on?

 My son will be three in 2 months and only weighs 24 lbs. He has had extensive labwork, bloodwork done and diag
He was diagnosed as failing to thrive, he's painfully thin and small for his age what do I do?? Also, dad is NOT small, he's 6 ft and overweight! I am average 5 ft 3 inches and 140 lbs....

 I am able to feel my heartbeat beating very loudly even while at rest ?
Since two days I am able to feel my heart beating loudly even while i am at rest and even i can feel while i keep my hand over the ribs in heart area ?...

 Is triple bypass surgery more dangerous off pump than on pump?

Additional Details
20% of heart bypass surgery is performed off pump meaning that the heart continues to beat and ciculate blood during the operation rather than the patient being put ...

 Is RBB Block suggestive of heart disease?

 i have a heart condition, i take atenolol, is it safe to take antacids?

 Truck Driving HealthRegulations Indiana Department of Transportation w/ Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator
I have had my CDL and have driven a semi for 18 years. I recently had to have an Implantalbe Carioverter Defibrillator put in. Can I still drive and maintain my Class A CDL license?...

 My daughter has aortic stenosis, and I was wondering, how much exercise is too much?
She was diagnosed with it two years ago(she is currently almost 9 years old),and we go back for a check-up in December.I sometimes worry about her,but I try not to hold her back too much.I am as well ...

 what does T wave inversion inthe inferior leads mean?

 Which brand's digital sphygmomanometer (blood pressure measuring device) is best?
For measuring blood pressure which digital instrument is best?...

 blood pressure?
i keep nearly fainting at the same time every day around 6 pm. my doctor told me that its because my blood pressure drops and my heart rate slows down, why at the same time every day? what is wrong? ...

 When i get mad I start getting a really fast heart beat, and i start shaking, and i feel like throwing up.?
and i lose (loose?) my appetite
Additional Details
i lose (loose?) my appetite

is this serious?...

 What causes increased heart rate?
a. stimulation of the vagus nerve
b. increased renin secretion
c. administration of beta-blocking drugs
d. sympathetic nervous system ...

 Is this bad(my heart)?
Well, i dont really know how to explain it but sometimes like today my heart feels like its beating wierd. LIke it squeezes for too long or just haveing trouble pumping. if that makes sence haha but ...

 Why are heart attacks treated with clo busters?

Heart Bypass Surgery Question?
During bypass surgery, to reach your heart, surgeons have to open your rib cage. So the rib cage technically breaks? If your rib cage is broken, then how are you let out of the hospital in 3 days or so? Doesn't healing your rib cage take long?

How long can the shortest stay at the hospital be for bypass surgery?

It takes eight to 12 weeks for the sternum to heal. Same as with a broken leg, you don't stay in the hospital while it is healing. Now with minimally invasive techniques. I have operated on patients and performed coronary bypass without dividing the sternum and discharge them in approximately eight hours.

Donna B.
They saw through your sternum and spread your ribs, do the surgery,removes the rib spreader them suture the sternum with wire. If they do minimal evasive surgery there is a small incision made under the left breast and the surgeon does the bypass surgery through this small incision. You haven't asked about this type of surgery but the surgical stay is normally 3 days. They don't wait for the sternotomy to heal, that occurs at home.

Nicholas K
The average bed stay now for a CABG- is about 3 to 4 days - Medical advances make this possible- the rib cage is acually sawed down the middle and the rib cage is held together by use of what may as well be a steel strings that are tightly wrapped- this holds them in place- the sternal plate will take time to heal of course- but just like any other broken bone- you do not need to have direct medical supervision until it is healed. Some hospitals are developing laproscopic ways to do this procedure as well- this would only require a few smaller incisions in the chest cavity. See a physician for more details-

Patients get a heart pillow to splint their chest when they cough, take a deep breath or move. Patients are taught not to use their arms to push or pull themselves up since it possible to move the sternum even when it is wired together.

If a patient is on track then on post-op day one the patient is sitting in a chair and walking to the bathroom. On post-op day 2 they are walking the halls. The theory is get them up, get them walking and get them home. The sooner a patient gets out of bed and moving, the less chance for complications.

edward w
I had a quadruple bypass in Jan 07' and I was in the hospital for 5 days, it would have been 3 days except I had some fluid buildup in my right lung and they wanted to see it gone before they released me. As far as the sternum being cut ...it took about 3 months before the feeling that both halves were "rubbing together" went away, if I moved just right way at first is was excruciating and it slowly stopped. The pain from this was rather strong (9/10) for about 2-3 weeks and then it subsided gradually up to about the 2nd month but they were able to put humpty dumpty back together again and now I dont feel a thing at all. Of course I can feel my heart beating now like never before...

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