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 Help me please!!!!!!?
so since last night I have been having a pain like a pin sticking in my heart. It happens like every 10 minutes. No it's beginning to be more painful. I'm only 13 and i don't want to ...

 What are the symptoms of a silent heart attack?

Additional Details
My mom woke up in the middle of the night gasping for air. The next thing she knew she had a seizure like episode....blacked out and woke up on the floor. She has ...

 In this situation, is heart bypass surgery the way to go?

My gran has recently been rushed to hospital & diagnosed with Unstable angina. They carried out a angiogram & as a result, fitted a double stent in a 'larger' ...

 How Do You Raise Your Blood Pressure?
I am trying to raise my blood pressure without going to the doctor, as I have no medical insurance. Does anyone have any suggestions?...

 my ecg result was perfect....?
i had an ecg done yesterday, it only lasted about 20 seconds, but i had 2 seperate strips done with 3 minutes between the 2 of them, both were perfectly normal, apart from a slightly fast heart rate ...

 Is it possible the size of my arm could be throwing off my blood pressure reading?
I have a blood pressure monitor that is an Omron wrist monitor and have found its slightly lower but relatively accurate with the doctors reading. However, i will use a cuff store bought monitor and ...

 accurate blood pressure readings?
Are blood pressure readings affected by wearing a sweatshirt under the inflatable blood pressure cuff? The reason I am asking is because the last time I went to see a doctor, the nurse/assistant took ...

 How do i know if i had a stroke going to have a stroke im 14 need help asap?
Well me and my friend were walking to the shops just before school when my site when weird when i tried to look at peoples faces and concentrate on something it would be a black blurry thing and ...

 My INR count is 1.1. I thought normal was .9-1.1. My doc is concerned that this will lead to clots?
I did experience multiple blood clots in my lungs after knee surgery and a flight and 14 hour drive. I have been on wharfamin for 5 months and my doc is alarmed at this 1.1 INR. 63 year old healthy ...

 am 68 yrs old. i can't walk properly.suggest good medicine?

 fainting spells? low blood pressure?
recently i have ben having fainting spells i have passed out 2 times in the last week. i went to the doctor and he said i have low blood pressure?
but i don't trust him i swear hes on crack ...

 what is a normal heart rate for a 19 year old female?
i have taken my resting heart rate a few times and it always comes up at 60 with a slightly irregular beat. i do not exercise on a regular basis apart from walking about 15 minutes a day to and from ...

 I take 80 mg of Lipitor after 3 heart caths. My LDL is 19 and HDL is 54. Should I worry about side effects?
I have had 3 stents implanted in my RCA with 3 different PTCA's in 18 mos and 2 heart attacks..Is 19 in LDL too low? Are other parts of my body going to be negatively impacted by cholesterol ...

 pulse in vein/arteries?
why can we feel a pulse in arteries but not in veins???...

 Why would a pulmonologist send me to a heart specialist?
I went to my appointment to see if I had anything wrong with my lungs because I'm short of breath all the time and I was diagnosed with asthma as a child.

My lungs checked out fine ...

 High Blood Pressure....?
Well, its that time of year....again.

Over the summer, I went to the doctor. I had just eaten mcdonalds and had a very stressful day(perhaps even drank some caffeinated drinks, not sure) ...

 why do people get heart attack .the person who answers please send a animated diagram of what happens then?

 As a sleep i feel my heart beat goes up, swaeting all over body and pressure and sentation in all body.?
As i wake up and in minutes i feel ok. am getting very dipressed with this problem from last 20 days....

 How can we prevent epistaxis?
Do experience it a lot esp when i cant breath ......

 what is a good way to lower blood pressure?
I want help lowering blood pressure naturally I would like to go off of my meds if possible. I would like to know the right types of foods and drinks and self care I can do Thanks in advance....

Biology is life
Explain why blood pressure and heart rate differ when measured in a reclining position and in a standing?

it takes more blood pressure to stand up then it does to lay down

Gravity. your body has to work harder when standing to pump blood.

Standing puts more stress on your heart to get the blood flowing to your lower body and so if you're dehydrated, your heart rate will rise and your blood pressure may drop.

One word: gravity! Laying down, the heart doesn't need near as much pressure (to fight gravity) or volume to get the requisite amounts of oxygen to the body parts. Standing up, you're fighting gravity. Hope this helps, as this is a simplistic explanation.


the difference is the amount of blood flowing to your legs

Normally, going from lying to standing results in a decrease in systolic blood pressure (top blood pressure number) of 5-10 mmHg, an increase in diastolic blood pressure (bottom blood pressure number) of 5-10 mmHg and an increase in pulse rate of 10-25 beats per minute. There are several reasons for these changes. Assumption of the upright posture results in the pooling of 500 to 1000 mL of blood in the lower extremities and splanchnic circulation, which initiates the following sequence: Rapid decrease in venous return to the heart. The ensuing reduction in ventricular filling results in diminished cardiac output and blood pressure. The fall in blood pressure and thoracic volume provokes a compensatory reflex mediated by the central nervous system that increases sympathetic and reduces parasympathetic outflow (ie, baroreceptor reflex). The increase in sympathetic outflow rises peripheral vascular resistance, venous return, and cardiac output, thereby limiting the fall in blood pressure.

If the diastolic blood pressure decreases by more than 10 mmHg or the systolic blood pressure decreases by more than 20 mmHg, then this is considered orthostatic hypotension. There are many causes, including dehydration, and abnormalities in nerves that control blood pressure (autonomic neuropathy)

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