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Excuse me
Does your heart have to be beating fast in order for you to have a heart attack?
Or can a heart attack strike suddenly even at a normal heart beat (rate)?

Arnold B
It does not have to beat fast.

* citizen . erased *
nope i don't think it has to be beating fast.
It's the arteries getting clogged and the heart not being able to pump blood through clogged arteries that causes <3 attacks.

you&#39;re lucky I&#39;m nice
a heart attack is when your heart STOPS beating.

Not necessarily, you're probably thinking of when your heart stops. When your heart stops it goes into arrhythmia's making the heart beat so fast then you flat line and hope that somebody is there with a defibrillator.

Mike R
Heart arrest is when your heart stops beating. Heart attacks are as already covered - clots. Take an aspirin a day and you can cut your risk almost in half. Add a beta blocker and lipitor and you become almost heart attack proof. We hear all about how weak the heart is but in reality it's an amazing organ and you should read up on it.

There are some tests that serve as markers to general health You should be able to run/jog 1 mile, do 12 push ups etc. If you can't do these then you are at risk for trouble.

Fast heart beat (tachycardia) Fast heart beat coming from one heart ventricle is called V-Tach bradicardia is slow heart beat, , asystole no heart activity (CPR is needed)

peabody xyz
ur heart doesnt have to be beating fast for u to have a heart attack (myocardial infarction).
basically it can occur when a clot impedes blood flow to ur heart via coronary arteries.
chest pain radiating to jaw and arm, fast heart rate, sweating, breathing fast, sharp chest pain, sense of doom.
some people assume its indigestion.
any chest pain go to ER and have them check it out.
some things they will do is ECG, cardiac enzyme levels, CBCD.

It can happen at any time, even relaxing, if a piece of plaque or a clot comes loose and blocks blood from heart depriving it of oxygen you will have a heart attack. Most that have had one, never knew it, the warning signs is sudden nausea, shortness of breath, and a dull pain in the left shoulder or back, and you do not have to have all of the symptoms. I can take a look at my 12 lead monitor durring an ekg and tell if you are having a heart attack, or if you have ever had one, and if you are, where the blockage is.

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