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 What are the risks of a heart transplant?
And if the person is young do they need a young persons heart?

What are the risks?

How long is the precedure?

Please if you know, answer this.

Thank you so ...

 Has anyone here had a heart attack?
What did it feel like?...

 i am 46 and i use to be active all the time now im tire and cant breath good i dont smoke either?

 241 BPM while working out?
I am 23 Native American female. I work out 4-6 days a week. 1 hour of aerobics, 30 minutes of weight training with another 20 minutes of 'other' types of exercises(lunges, sit-ups, etc). My ...

 If your pulse is hitting 130-140, is that officially tachycardia?I know it varies with people, but seems high?
It's been consistently 90-120 bpm for a month, mostly on higher end--No food or medication explanation seems to apply. I'm not sure if I should be worried, I consider it weird when ...

 Low blood pressure; good or bad?

 what are some causes of heart attacks?
well, its a long story. you see today my dad had a heart attack, and nobody was home except for my dog. my mom sister and i were on our way back home from a wedding when our dad called - he sounded ...

 My mom is having heart problems?
she doesn't understand what it is. se says its like someone is stabbing her in her heart or like someone is tightening a string around her heart. she says she'll just be sitting in bed ...

 What does it mean when you are diagnosed with having numerous PVC's in your heart and is it serious?

 A heart problem maybe?
18, Female, History of seizures, Heart problems in grandparents both sides, Non smoker, Dont drink. Ever.

Okay so when i woke up my chest felt really heavy. As the day went on it felt like ...

 Please help is my heart ok?
I am 15 years old, 5'10 and weigh 138 pounds. I had a sitting down, resting heart rate of 65 bpm. Am I ok? I have mild asthma and my dad has high blood pressure and in the shower i could see my ...

 Are my cholesterol numbers unsafe?
I just got my cholesterol results in. I'm 29 years old, 5'10" 200 lbs, very fit. I have a very low body fat percentage even though my BMI is high. I strength train as a novice. My ...

 Sorry I'm asking one more time about HDL with more detail...?
Okay here is mine:

Total cholestrol 164
HDL 89
LDL 64

isnt my hdl too high and isnt that associated with atherosclerosis???
Additional D...

 I am a 58 yr old male with a lipid prophile of total cholesterol of 220,HDL 57,LDL 160.?
I exercise regularly & have no wt problem. My doctor wants to prescribe a statin but I prefer to use more natural approach,ie garlique,oatmeal,etc. How effective and what are the odds of the ...

 how is the diagram of blood flow in the heart?

 Dilated blood vessels increase perfusion and heatloss, while constricted vessels greatly reduce cutaneous bloo?
Dilated blood vessels increase perfusion and heatloss, while constricted vessels greatly reduce cutaneous blood flow and conserve heat.!!!


 importance of measuring blood pressure?

 find heart valves and the warning signs to be on the lookout for?
looking for information on regurgitated heart valves and the procedures to fix it; as well as the symptoms to look for so i can be alert to ...

 Heart beats REALLY hard and I feel dizzy after working out?
Whenever I do ANY kind of physical exercise, whether it be lifting weights or jogging, I always feel really dizzy and fatigued and I can feel my hearbeat in my neck and head. I also run out of breath ...

 What could this mean? Am I too young?
Im 15 and I have poor circulation. Does that mean I could have a bad heart? A lot of my friends have poor circulation to so im not the only one but I tend to over worry about small things and I ...

Does mitral valve prolapse show on an EKG?
How so?

Mitral valve prolapse (MVP) is most often found during a routine physical exam when your doctor uses a stethoscope to listen to your heart. Your doctor listens for a certain "click" and/or murmur. Stretched valve flaps, as seen in MVP, can make a clicking sound as they shut. If the valve is leaking blood back into the atrium, a murmur or whooshing sound can often be heard. However, these abnormal heart sounds may come and go, so they may not be heard at the time of an exam, even if you have MVP. As a result, diagnostic tests and procedures may also be needed to diagnose MVP.

An echocardiogram is the most useful test for diagnosing MVP. This test uses sound waves to create a moving picture of your heart. An echocardiogram provides information about the size and shape of your heart and how well your heart chambers and valves are functioning. The test also can identify areas of poor blood flow to the heart, areas of heart muscle that are not contracting normally, and previous injury to the heart muscle caused by poor blood flow. The echocardiogram is a painless test that's used to look for prolapse of the mitral valve flaps and for backflow (regurgitation) of blood through the leaky valve.

Other tests that can help diagnose MVP are:
A chest x ray, which is used to look for fluid in your lungs or to see if your heart is enlarged.
An EKG (electrocardiogram), which charts the electrical activity of your heart. The EKG can show abnormal heartbeats, damage to the heart muscle, and enlargement of the heart.

Only the echocardiogram is the most useful test for diagnosing MVP.

Take care always!

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