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 my dad has 70% of his left ventricle blocked? what can be done to fix this?
my dad has had 3 bypass in the past as well as several medicated stents placed....

 my friend a helicopter pilot at 31 he after dignosed ASD under went a closure by amplatzer device can he fly .
plz any doctor to tell his suitiblity of flying after six month follow up completion,we will be great full....

 what is ldl and hdl cholestrol ? and what is myocardial infarction ?

 i having a tia and blood pressure is 175/ 110 help?

 what causes your heart to stop and what is cardiac arrest?
im curious my uncles heart stopped
Additional Details

 What are the dangers when the heart rate is 44 and BP 90/54 for a man 78 years old?
On June 20 he had a mild heart attack and had a stint put in and a clot ...

 Is my Blood Pressure anything to worry about?
I have recently been diagnosed with HBP after one visit with a pressure of 154/95. My doctor put me on HCTZ 25mg per day which has brought my pressure to about 129/78. My last visit I told here I ...

 My pulse is 110 and my blood pressure is116/84?
I was just wondering what could cause my resting pulse rate to be so high. I walk the treadmill for one hour every day and never get out of breath and i have never had any heart ...

 When I stretch I get the dizzy feeling associated with Orthostatic Hypotension is there any relation?

 heart -- chest pain -- help.?
Yesterday, I went running about a quarter of a mile, not in one shot. After I stopped running I have a burning in my chest, but when I would walk it would go away. I know most will say see a doctor, ...

 Could "male enhancement" pills cause blood clots?
About 5 weeks ago I started to take male enhancement pills and last week my leg hurt real bad, found out that it was a blood clot. Is it possible that these pills could have created this - or is it ...

 I had Cardiac Ablation in Nov 2003 performed by Dr.Natalie..?
I had Cardiac Ablation in Nov 2003 performed by Dr.Natalie. I've had a normal heart beat until I had triple bypass surgery performed Aug 21 2007. Since then I've daily incidents of rapid ...

 Is there such a thing as a nurse hotline..?
I read on here that there was.. and that this was the number and it's toll free is it true??
1800 60 60 24...

 I want to know that chest pain remains for how much time in case of heart attack?
Suppose some body's chest starts paining due to heart attach. This chest pain will remain for how much time?...

 heart problems?
if someone is having trouble breathing and stops breathing when they sleep and has high blood pressure and chest pains does anyone know a cure for that?...

 What are my chances of getting a blood clot?
I recently started taking Sprintec which is a birth control pill. I know that this tremendously raises your risk of blood clots. I am 19 years old and just a couple pounds overwieght which i am ...

 only peaks no high clearblue moniter?
i have been using clear blue fertility moniter since 2 months i am having only low and peak days no high days can some body tell me what might be the problem on day 11 moniter shows low ...

 what is function of Antrioventricular node verses the bundle of his ?

 can i get a doctors opinion?
I think I might have pulmonary hypertension I have most of the symptoms, but the most common one is the fainting spells that are recurrent and only get worse from then on, what shall I do?

 My 25 year old son has a rapid pulse of 200 beats/minute?
with a moderate activity level. Resting is about 50 beats per minute. He is 6 foot tall and 165 lbs. No discomfort or pain, just a very high pulse rate with exercise. I am concerned. I think he is ...

Does lowering your cholesterol also remove plaque from your arteries?

ark is mostly right. He did leave out eggs and red meat as a good source of omega 3, but it should be grass feed cows and free range hens. Ornish is a low fat guy and has been discredited for not controlling all variables in his studies. You should know that lowering cholesterol can not remove plaque because the level of cholesterol had nothing to do with the formation of plaque. The plaque was formed (with the help of cholesterol) in response to arterial damage. The damage can be from smoking, high insulin levels (true link of diabetes and heart problems), trans-fats, rancid vegetable oil, oxidized cholesterol (as in egg beaters and powdered cheese), too much omega 6 in the diet.
Pharmacist who's life was almost ruined by Lipitor
CKM has been on 80mg of Zocor for years and seems to have some of the classic cognitive side effects. He does not ever give refrences and blocks email.

read about dr. dean ornish

"HDL can remove cholesterol from atheroma within arteries"

HDL. High-density lipoprotein.

Found in:
Foods containing omega-3 fatty acids (such as fatty fish and dark, leafy greens)

Most of the plaques remain as such and a very few regress. Progression will certainly be reduced. Unstable plaques will become stable.

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