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Does it matter if blood pressure is measured in a vein instead of an artery? if so, why?

because one of them will be higher, because - not sure which way round but one of them carries blood to the heart this will be lower than the one that takes blood away.

a veins pressure will be less as it is blood with carbon dioxide not oxygen in it.

You use an artery to measure blood pressure. You actually can measure arterial pressure in an artery via an arterial line (art line) that is inserted into a patient's artery (on their arm) or by using a blood pressure cuff on the arm or even the leg. Blood gets sent out to your body via the heart's left ventricle. Blood pressure is a measurement of the strength (the hydrostatic pressure) of the left ventricles ability to contract and relax as it sends blood out to your body via the arteries.

From my own point view, i think it is best to check blood pressure through an artery because that is the only way to measure the force exerted by blood on the walls of the arteries as the heart beat. And that is what blood pressure literally means.

Dr. L
you are measuring blood pressure in a pulsating blood vessel....peripheral veins do not pulsate

norton g
matt p - Blood pressure (BP) is measured OVER an artery but never IN an artery. It cannot be measured in or over a vein. BP results from the pressure of the heart pumping blood into the arteries which lead to all body parts. Blood in veins has gone through very tiny capillaries and then moves along, but does not get any BP pumping action in veins through which the blood flows rather smoothly with no systolic (high pressure) or diastolic (lower number) reading of pumping pressure. BP is usually measured over the upper arm though even a cuff around a finger tip (over a small artery) could be used with the right kind of equipment.

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