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 is sudden increase/decrease of heart beat normal?
I`m 17 yrs old.When i got my heart beat checked dr. said that it decreases at some points. Also,i feel fatigue,weakness when my heart beats fast....

 How would you know that your QTc interval is prolonged without an EKG? Are there any physical symptoms?
Taking some psych meds and epocrates indicated that a prolonged QTc might be an interaction....

 sudden heart palpitations?
i'm 16 years old and part of a soccer team for almost 5 years now.

ever since the 6th grade, i started getting these sudden heart palpitations during practices.

i don'...

 is it possible to have a blood pressure of 60/40 and be ok?

 i am having some major chest pain i am dizzy and my heart rate is sky rocketing what dose this mean?

Additional Details
pain starting to get ...

 i got low bp 56 over 97 how bad is it?
hi i am in my 20's can you tell me what to do improve
Additional Details
my mom's heart valve didnt work properly cqan that be the case with ...

 having high blood pressure & when to worry?
I have high blood pressure, have recently had monitoring over the month; weekly readings at the GP's and it hasn't come down lower than a diastolic of 104, highest being 115, they are in ...

 Can you change your heart rate at will?
I know heart rate can change due to emotions and stress on the body. But can you use your mind to change your own heart rate? is this possible.

 If a patient has Mitral Stenosis how will this effect left/right sided failure of the heart?

 Is it possible to be in peak physical condition and still have high blood pressure?
I just ran a marathon, I exercise 7 days a week, eat VERY healthy. I only drink one cup of coffee per day. I am 28 years old, weight 185 lb.

My blood pressure is about 135/95. It ...

 How can you tell if your heart is swollen?
Dont have medical or anything, I just want to know some symptoms or if there is any way to tell... Constant pain when moving & nothing seems to be helping it......

 what will happen after a mechanical valve is implanted?

 How bad is a pacemaker as far as living your life?
I am only 28 years old. I have been diagnosed with a heart problem. The doctors aren't sure exactly what it is yet because I was 6 months pregnant when they found something was wrong and I ...

 Im 15 and my heart kinda hurts?
ok so for the past couple of days my upper chest around my heart has been bothering me. the pain is not sharp and during a busy day i dont even notice at all but when i lay in bed or are just sitting ...

 Im doing RF ablation for my heart, do i have to remove my cloth?

 How will I know, if I have a heart problem?

 how you calculate heart rethym for a telametry strip?
i know how to measure my p's but i get comfuse with my measurement on my qrs's and pri's. please explainto me what a'm i doing wrong....

 what is the other name for lisinopril in the philippines?

 heart beat in my right ear?
hi, i was doing the adkins diet until yesterday(lasted 2 months or so) because 2 days ago i joined a gym and changed my diet a bit, but even before starting going to the gym i had this heart beat in ...


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Does high blood pressure make you sweat?

no, but it will make your ears ring and could make you feel dizzy if it's high enough.

An-Atomy ∞RIP∞ The Rev
no, high blood pressure doesnt make you sweat. low blood pressure can make you sweat if it is low enough to trigger a vagal response.

there are a million things that can make u sweat and blood pressure is one of them, it also contributes to your heart rate. the normal heart rate is 60-100. to know what it is count how much pulse u get in 15 secs and multiply it by 4

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