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 Is it safe to get a heart pacemaker after having bypass surgery?
My mother had heart surgery about 4-5 years ago. Now her doctors telling her to get a heart pacemaker. i was wondering if it is okay to get a heart surgery done on a person who already had heart ...

 how fatal is a dilated aortic root?

Additional Details
How likely will the valve comprimise?...

 My doctor has suddenly stopped plavix?
without explanation?...

 please help with medicines!!!?
the doc gave me

propanolol 20mg for a mnth (2times a day)
alprazolam 0.25mg for 5days (1 time a day)
paracetamol+chlorzoxazone for 3 days

 Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia?
My doctor says I may have Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia.

My blood pressure also elevates when my heart rate increases.

Standing blood pressures are in the systolic 140'...

 When will people become aware that we should eat saturated fat and EPA/DHA ricj dites NOT low fat diets?
for cardio protective effects? When will they see how dangerous low fat diets are?...

 Backward Cholesterol?
My mom has high cholesterol, and she's been to the doctor and had blood work done to check the levels. Her doctor prescribed Pravastatin Sodium. She's been taking it every day, one a day. S...

 what should i do when i am having high bp and high pulse rate ?

 Why does my heart always beat fast when he's around?
This is a scientific question. Really. How come when we see someone we have a crush on our hearts go besurk? What triggers it... besides being slightly nervous (some of what happened to me had to do ...


 gaining weight on simvastatin?
simvastatin,has anyone gained weight through this drug,after 5 ...

 Serious question about ST Depression seen from doing a stress test, can this be caused by heavy caffeine use?
What effect woulf heavy caffeine use have on a heart. I am talking about 10-12 cups of coffee per day plus a couple glasses of cola which also has caffeine....

 What counts as low blood pressure?
Last I checked, my systolic pressure was around 109 and my diastolic pressure was at about 50. Does this count as low blood pressure, and if so, is it a negative thing?
I frequently get head ...

 Is this causing my heart palpitations?
I'm 14, average height and weight, if a little bit short. I drink quite a bit of diet coke. About 11-13 330ml cans every week. I have heart palpitations, they are becoming more frequent and I ...

 I have exercise induced asthma, and I have trouble breathing when I'm not running.?
I want to know if this would be a panic attack leading to the asthma.I would be talking to someone, then I would have to stop and take a breath. I feel like my heart is hurting, When nurses and ...

 what does correlate clinically mean ?
I recently had a MRI done on my neck for an injury I sustained.
the Drs report mentions to .....please correlate clinically....anyone one know what that means.Thankyou....

 Low blood pressure and fast heart rate, what are the causes? (reposted)?
BP is actually : 86/60

heart rate is around 110.

i went for an ECG etc.

but what could've caused it?

Additional Details
i run for ...

 should i be worried? more..?
well today in the Morning i was in bed and i was sleeping on my left side and i turned on my back and i had this sudden pain sort of stinging, and very hurtful pain on my heart side my heart i felt ...

 Do you think people really pour their heart out on yahoo?
I think for many they do and it does help them....

 When is blood pressure too low?
Mine is usually 112/70-something. I was told that was normal. But sometimes I feel dizzy and weak. I felt this way yesterday while I had my bp measured. It was 104/64. Is this too low?


Does having high cholesterol mean you have clogged arteries?
my cholesterol is considered high. my high cholesterol is hereditary because my diet is pretty healthy. I have always wondered and stupid me has never asked my dr. does it automatically mean you have clogged arteries. I worry because I do have small children and don't want to have a heart attack. I do take medicine,exercise and eat right. what are your chances of getting clogged arteries.

Laurence W
Most people have a little, how bad depends on how you treat yourself.

The fruit you eat and your blood pressure have a lot to do with it.

Many "clogs" are your bodies attempts to repair damage to arteries from high blood pressure, and other arterial irritants like cigarette smoke, alcohol, and trans fats.

Avoid fried foods and burgers, packaged foods with hydrogenated oils, minimize dairy products in your diet.

The higher your LDL count, the more possible oxidized LDL you have which is what makes things worse. More moderate exercise is important, as it helps the function of HDL to remove LDL from the blood stream.

If worried, get some moderate intensity exercise everyday, eat more colorful fruit throughout the day since they are high in anti-oxidants, and avoid things that get your adrenaline pumped. That's another artery irritant.

Very good Laurence. Never mentioned saturated fat, yea. Never mentioned drugs, yea.
You should mention that insulin and insulin resistance are much more important than cholesterol. In fact insulin is one of the most powerful artery irritants.
Not so sure about high blood pressure and HDL does not remove LDL, but a good answer
Pharmacist who's life was almost ruined by Lipitor

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