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 Some thing strange occurred last night in my chest HELP?
I was at my computer when i was really tired and all of a sudden my chest felt funny and i need to breath in for some air and then i felt better.. it didn't hurt or anything but i hope im ...

 musles fibers contract and relax in response to ?
A) nerve impulses
B) voluntary control
C) flexors and extensors
D) muscle tone
i thing is ...

 anyone taking thyroid and cholesterol medications? Levothyroxine and Simvastatin?
Wondering about the side effects and the drug's effects on current medication for arrymthmia, beta ...

 do i have a high blood pressure??? or what do i have???????
I am getting a frequently headache but it is in the back and i have a migraine does it mean that i have a high blood pressure????
I marked it that in my hand and legs i have small bump but it&...

 what is the normal recovery time for someone who had a mild stroke and now has lingering numbness in his arm?
the numbness and tingling is in his left arm and hand....

 What is a soft murmur?
And what does it cause?
Additional Details
I don't have one, by the way....

 I'm worried about my recent heart palpitations.?
I have been having having heart palpitations about every 15 minutes since yesterday morning. Now today I woke up all shaky. My hands shake when I hold them out and it feels like my entire body is ...

 This ever happened to you: My hand is on desk and I feel PULSE rate...?
pretty deep. I mean, I feel the beat.

I'm currently browsing through Yahoo answers and questions, and my left hand is resting on the desk, and I can clearly feel the pulse, which I ...

 what are my chances of having HCM?
i just found out that my grandpa has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy this weekend. my dad doesnt have it but i want to know what my chances are that i do. i looked it up and i found out that my dad had ...

 i require blood pressure chart/graph age wise, did any body help me?

 How likely is it that fracture of the 5th and 6th ribs will cause heart failure?
The fracture occured when a person karate chopped a person in the chest. This can lead to cardiac contusion, but I suppose only if hit in a certain area. Will fracturing the 5th and 6th ribs cause ...

 Signs of Asthma? aldkjfaklsdjfasklfj kfjaklfjdaklfdjalksfjadsklfjaslkkkkkkkkk…
hey all. I've noticed I"m having trouble breathing. I exercise but I didn't as much during the summer. I started up again and I'm finding it hard to breath. Like I'll be ...

 what does ATHEROMATOUS AORTA means?
I want a concrete explanation....thanks!...

 what are the medical and nursing management in myocardial infarction?

 HELP!! is my mom having a heart attack!?
she has really bad chest pain. about 2 or 3 weeks ago she had a really bad back injury. she is too stubborn to see a doctor even though she is one. my grandpa almost died of a heart attack (but was ...

 After the blood test my Dr. said my fallot level is high. What does that mean?

 Does anyone have mitral valve/heart reguration?
Does anyone have this heart disease, if so what are ur sytmpotms and how to u combat them?...

 How can I reduce my cholesterol?
I am 18 years and 135lbs. I've never had to worry about what I eat cause I always stay thin but now my doctor has told me I have high cholesterol and especially for my age that is no buno. My ...

 Does running help prevent atherosclerosis?
I am wondering if it can help keep your arteries relatively clear and healthy....

 Does n-acetycysteine lower cholesterol ? And what are some of it's bad side effects?(increase blood pressure?)

Can you play a casino slot machine if you have a pacemaker and a defibulator in?

You're not supposed to, the electronics can interfere with the slot machines, and vice versa, so I've heard. However, just don't tell them if you go, I'm sure you'll be fine. My stepdad does it. His doctor told him that it actually increases his chances of winning.

Yes you can.

Mike G
Why wouldn't you?

With all the seniors playing the slot machines in casinos, grocery stores, gas stations, etc. I don't think it is an issue.

Girl with Truthiness
I believe you can... but on a lighter note, I do not recommend winning large amounts. It would certainly mess with my heartrate! ;-)

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