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 my blood pressure is 87 over 70 is that good?

 I exercise daily and eat healthy everyday and have a pulse rate of 50 is this the best pulserate u can have?

 Heart burn!! Please read!!?
I know you can get medicine for heart burn but no shops are open at this time and it is killing me, are there any other options for me to atleast calm it down or something??...

 could this be another blood clot?
hi i have a very sore leg,warm to touch feels like stabbing pain i itchy ,feel out of sorts ,suffer dilated cardiomyopathy ,and take waferin due to go on holiday in our caravan ,but bit worried bout ...

 15.2.92 at 10.40a.m. delhi how to get confidence i am doing b.com h 2nd from du?

 need articles about heart disease?
i need popular articles about heart disease, plz ...

 When I watch a suspence movie, my left side of my chest hurts, why?
It's hurting right now as I watch the film but goes away if I stop watching it for 5 or so minutes.

The pain is so dull that its barely noticeable but still pain. Is this a heart ...

 Will I have a heart attack?
I just had a wedge of cheese cake. 20 grams of fat

After that I was craving for salt. Then I had a small sack of onion rings from Burger King that about 7 grams of fat.
Additional ...

 Why does my heart hurt? Docs help needed.?
I'm 33 and my heart has been hurting for about 6 years. I have been to doctors for it and all that's ever done is an ekg. I finally found a doc that listened to me and did some blood work. I...

 Do i have a undiagnosed heart condition ? PLease help me?
Hi everyone , im a 21 year old female that used to be in good health until i was diagnosed with anxiety/panic attacks , ive had so many blood tests , urine tests , ct scan , and numerous EKG's , ...

 What should I expect at the Cardiologist?
I was getting a physical the other day, when the doctor told me that I have a Heart Murmur.I had one when I was a baby, and the doctors said I would grow out of it, but I guess I never did, I am 15. H...

 How do you get your pulse to go down?!?
My sister always try's to donate plasma. She doesn't have any health problems to our knowledge. Why is her pulse always high? They won't let you donate when it is. And she always comes ...

 Heart beating fast in public surroundings or shower?? Why is this happening?
I started to feel my heart beating really fast everytime I went into the shower, while I was at work, or even spent just some time with friends. It's been getting hard to talk clearly because of ...

 Please help me with my results of D Dimer?
I just got out of the hospital and they ran some tests on my blood and everything was good except my d dimer was high and they did some x rays and cat scans and checked for blood clots in my legs and ...

 is licorice supposed to help calm you?

 my nephew in another country has low white blood cell count.Whats the treatment and dangers?
he has gone to the doctor but they havent given him anything is there any emergency treatment he can start on ?Any doctor please help save him. he is only ...

 Can you have high blood pressure and a low heart rate at rest at the same time?
I do not exercice and if i get breathless easily but when very relaxed my heart rate can go down to 45-50. I have a professional heart rate monitor so the figure is exact.
Additional Details

 What will the cardiologist do?
Well basically a few weeks ago I went to my doctor because I had 3 strange episodes where I suddenly felt painfully cold, my lips turned blue and my heart rate dropped in the 30's, but my blood ...

 what does MAINTENANCE MEDICATION for hypertension means? Is there a duration of taking the medication?
I just want to clarify if you are prescribed a maintenance medication s for hypertension is that mean you will take the medication in your entire life?...

 92 resting heart rate bad?
18 years old, suffer from anxiety.

i have had about 3 pints of beer within the last 2 hours and just checked my heart rate and it's at 92 BPM resting, is this normal?...

8 Ball
Can you have severely clogged arteries but at the same time have a normal blood pressure?

Depending where the clot is. Is it at the heart (coronary arteries), or somewhere else in the extremities? Also, depending if you have taken any medicine while having this condition. The doctor might give you vasodilators which can open up the arteries and help lower the blood pressure. What your cardiologist plan to do about these severe clogged arteries? Is stent placement an option, or heart surgery? Write all your questions down before you see the doctor next time. You might hear some of the test such as:
EKG (to determine the rhythm)
Cardiac enzyme (to evaluate the function of the heart tissue)
Stress test (to evaluate the heart function during stress or exercise)
Echocardiogram (to evaluate the pumping force of the heart)
Cardiac Catheterization (to examinate the major arteries to check for clotting) they might place the stent(s) during this procedure.
Good luck!

Ogozi J
Might be quite rear as blood passing through clogged arteries are at a different pressure from those in normal arteries. Usually, blood in clogged arteries are at a higher pressure.

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