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 I have CHF and my kidney function is low. Need to improve KF. Heart hates fluid & Kidneys love fluid. Ideas?
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What could happen?...

 what is wrong with me?
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 If anyone has Mitral Valve Prolapse..do you have dizzy spells or Vertigo when you lay down?

Additional Details
I had an EKG last Wednesday when I went to the ER because I was having severe palpitations and it showed that I have PVC, which I have to go see a Cardiologist, my ...

 my husband has high blood pressure. 145/110. but he refuses to see a doctor n takes all his frustration on me.?
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 i beat off alot does beating off cause aids?
i blame my beating off problems on beyonce but now im scared im gonna give myself aids PLEASE HELP ME!!!!...

 What does it feel like if you have high blood pressure?

 Why do people act like its life or death? all the time?
I was recently diagnosed with a rare, dangerous heart disorder. I've been wearing a monitor for a few days and must continue wearing it for the next 2 months.

My friends and even my ...

 Should I be worried about this drop in pulse rate?
My resting pulse rate taken while lying down is around 65, but today I measured it while sitting up when it is supposed to be higher but it wa 54 the first time, then I checked it again in case it ...

 To find out about a coronary artery disease is a Thallium test better or an angiogram to find best results?

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Can a doctor or any medical person explain this to ...

 Is my doctor hitting on me? What does this mean?
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 Breathlessness, dizziness and somewhat irregular heartbeat?
I've been feeling very breathless that has been interrupting my ability to concentrate on my everyday activities recently. Also there have been periods of dizziness to the extent that I get ...

 my lipid profile test results are OK?
Total Choloestrol 147, Total Triglycerides 102, HDL 27, LDL 100, Very low density lipoprotein 20 total cholesterol/HDL ratio 5.44:1...

 Is it safe to go in a hot tub with an implanted pacemaker? Also the temperature is102. Should it be lower?

 HOW CAN i lower my blood pressure? i have 120 over 60 according to my home bloodpressuretest?

 Does anyone else have these heart symptoms.. ?
Well.. honestly, its not just my heart.
but I'll give you a list.

[Happens all the time for a few years now.]
-Throbbing head while dizzy.
-Eyesight ...

 What causes Chorea in Rheumatic Fever?
im havin a hard time understanding how rheumatic fever causes dance like movements? what's the cause of sydenham's chorea in rheumatic fever?...

 My heart has been fluttering for about eight months now. Is this a sign of heart disease?
Ok well first off, I only seem to be getting this whenever I'm not doing much. I could be sitting in class or laying down trying to get some sleep and all of a sudden it FEELS as if my heart ...

 do you ever feel a squeeze around your heart?
it just happens out of the blue with me. Feels like a little hug around my heart for about 3 seconds.
Additional Details
it's not happening when i'm thinking about someone or ...

Can you die from irregular heart beats?
I've been suffering these for a while and I'm really concerned about them. I've seen the doctor and getting some tests done this week. I'm really scared and I'm only 17. I don't take drugs or anything horrible to my body. It just...popped out of no where. My parents don't have this either and I know my grandparents don't have it either cause they are VERY healthy especially for their age. (About 80)

Additional Details
Oh dear. I'm so up set right now. Thanks for the information guys. I hope I get through this.

yeah you can die from irregular heart beats

my kids are 13 and 9 and have a long qt wave and it is just like that. they just started heart meds and might need heart surg. . and untill they find what is wrong you shouldnt do any sport like things.

Yes it's possible, but its more likely that you will have a PE (Pulmonary Embolus) or CVA (stroke) and complications from either of those, and death could occur. Don't worry too much until your Doctor has further investigated it though. It may just be as simple as an electrolyte imbalance or some other underlying condition.

The Irregular heart beats allows blood to pool in one or more chambers of the heart, and that can cause a clot to form. Should the clot be ejected during a heart beat it can go to the lungs and cause a PE, or up to the brain and cause a stroke.

If this problem cannot be resolved, the doctor will probably opt to put you on an anticoagulant to help prevent that blood from forming a clot.

Anna E
There are many types of "irregular" heartbeats. Some are life threatening and some are benign. Your doctor will find out what is going on and put you on the appropriate treatment. Sometimes, there is no treatment that needs to be done.

Sounds as if it may be arrhythmia. Please look into righthealth.com for more information. They have a list of causes, symptoms, treatments, tests, etc. It's detailed, but please look it up so you will be more informed, if indeed you do have arrhythmia.

Please do not be overly concerned since stress can affect your heart rate, and if it is irregular....... Wait for the test results, do what your Dr. says.

I started having fast heartbeats at 17, and then had irregular beats when I was in my 20's. I am now over 50 and am still alive and well. See a cardiologist and get a work up. Find the causes for yours. I did mine and was put on meds that help. I still have the irregular beats, but I just deal with them. I know they are scary, but please get a good check up and educate yourself.

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